26 Jun, 2013, dnicolai wrote in the 1st comment:
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I'm not quite 100% sure what I'm doing wrong, so I wanted to ask the forum to see if there is any advice out there. Below is what I have entered into my MUD

Localname      : SW-NJO
Autoconnect : Disabled
MinPlayerLevel : 5
MinImmLevel : 32
Adminlevel : 35
Implevel : 36
Infoname : SW-NJO
Infohost : realmmud.com
Infoport : 4015
Infoemail : danielnicolai@gmail.com
InfoWWW : realmmud.com
InfoBase : SWFotE 1.4 FUSS
InfoDetails : Star Wars game set in New Jedi Order timeline.

ServerAddr : server01.mudbytes.net
ServerPort : 5000
ClientPwd : (hidden)
ServerPwd : (hidden)
This mud has enabled SHA-256 authentication.
The mud is using plain text passwords to authenticate.

My questions on this are what are the ClientPwd and ServerPwd that I should list? Do I need to subscribe to something to be able to connect my game? It's somewhat confusing and I can't seem to find any documentation on it.