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If you haven't played Alter Aeon before, take a few minutes to come check us out - it's free to play, and new players are always welcome!

New areas added since the last update:

- The Forest of Brigands is a new high level area south and west of Cornia. As its name suggests, the forest is rife with bandits and monsters which sometimes prey upon travelers using the Eastern Trade Road. This area was created by Shadowfax.

- The Blue Mound is a new high level area north of Ralnoth. Giant insects have been found near it destroying the forest. This area was created by Draak.

- The Lotus Monastery is now open on the island of Archais. This is a level 24 area, and it contains a number of quests and deeds to complete for mid-high level players. This area was created by Morpheus.

Areas that have been updated:

- Ralnoth has been updated, adding quests and conversational strings to a most of the mobs. There are several strong quest lines between the city and the dwarven marketplace in Khal-Uktar to the southeast.

- The oriental city, Daigaku Tatami, has been updated similarly to Ralnoth and now also has a number of linkage quests. Both cities were updated by Draak.

- A number of old, high level areas have been releveled to take advantage of the new fame and group experience code, including places like the underwater ruins and Arcadia/Darcadia.

- The Labyrinth outside Jo'Kerin has been completely reworked. It's now harder, more confusing, has switches which change its layout, and is a big hit with higher level players.

As a final announcement, Kurek's excellent Mush-Z soundpack has been updated! Run the updater to check out the changes and make sure you're on the latest version. This version fixes a lot of outstanding bugs and should help make the experience a lot smoother. (If your updater doesn't connect, it might be too old. You may need to download a new one from the Mush-Z website.

If you'd like to sign up for our mailing list, just send send an email to: alteraeon+subscribe@googlegroups.com

We hope to see you on Alter Aeon!

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15 May, 2013, alteraeon wrote in the 3rd comment:
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Arcadia and Darcadia are a pair of cities pretty close to each other. There's some kind of drama/conflict between the townspeople and several quest lines involving that, but I don't remember the details.


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16 May, 2013, Lyanic wrote in the 4th comment:
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It just struck me as an amusing pairing. You've got your Arcadia…and then you've got Dark Arcadia (D'arcadia in the commoner's tongue).