02 May, 2013, Ubutu wrote in the 1st comment:
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Hi everyone, I'm looking to find a MUD to play and contribute to. Preferably your MUD will appeal to a player like me (see below), will have a few regular players and a few dedicated members of staff. I live in England and have between 0.5 and 5 hours per day to spend on playing and developing.

As a player:
I've been playing Medievia on and off, mostly off, since 2001. The main thing I enjoy about it is the drive for combat - better equipment and prestige leading to a bloodbath in NPK and CPK :). PvP isn't my main interest though, I'm quite a competitive player, I like statistics, achievements and min/maxing - I could happily play in a game without PvP as long as there is competitive play. This leads me to preferring game with fewer class/race choices as balance is important to me, I like being able to construct a strategy against any opponent. I'm not interested in RP but don't mind it as an optional feature.

As a developer:
I'm an embedded software engineer and so work on device drivers, operating systems, etc. I've been programming C and C++ for over 10 years and am very productive. It's my profession and hobby. I'll quickly be able to start work on any code base.

Thanks for reading, hopefully I am a good fit for your game.
02 May, 2013, plamzi wrote in the 2nd comment:
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Check out playbedlam.com and stop by if interested. We seem to fit all the requirements you listed.


P. S. Also, we have some really cool stuff under the hood that a software engineer might appreciate :)