29 Apr, 2013, Lograk wrote in the 1st comment:
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Going to give this a shot, not sure what kind of responses I'll get, if any. But hey, never know until you try.

First off, a little bit about myself, then I'll explain the MUD. My name is Justin Cooper, and I go by Ryzic/Lograk through all the MUDs I have played/worked on. I'm 24 years old, and I have been MUDding since 2003, and developing since 2005. I've worked on a few projects, most of which are projects that only I, and maybe a select other few where working on but never went anywhere. I did a little bit of work on End of Time in it's early stages before I disappeared from the scene for about 6 years. Most of the MUDs I have worked on have all been pretty much Final Fantasy themed MUDs, since that is my favorite RPG game franchise from when I was a kid. I do have a full-time job working first shift as a Heating and Air conditioning installer, and I plan on going back to school in the fall to follow my dream of getting into the gaming world, majoring in Computer Science specializing in Software Systems.

Now, about the MUD.

The MUD is called Final Fantasy Tactics: Online, and development on it started in 2006, by me, and a friend of mine named Midboss. We pretty much gutted a QuickMUD, and practically rewrote the systems. But, in 2007, I left the scene due to things going on in my life, and I am just now coming back. With me not being able to reach Midboss, I am pretty much the only one left to continue the MUD, and therefor why I am here searching for people who seek the same dream we both had for the MUD. Since I was away for awhile, I've been trying to compile a list of what all we have done, added, or removed from the code. So, here goes:

* Custom worldmap code that reads .wmap files and parses them into x/y coordinates. (Worldmap is in ASCII text)
* Custom combat system, damage handlers. Works with Brave/Faith stat, as well as many other things.
* Custom automapper code, with many neat features.
* Custom soldier code, to be able to hire soldiers to fight with you, that also gain levels and skills.
* New shop code, new equipment code (equipment has stat modifiers, so you gain stats depending on equipment your wearing)
* New affects system

And so much more, like I said, I'm still trying to compile a list. I'm also working as much as I can everyday trying to finish the things we had left, while also thinking of new things that would make the MUD great, and successful. So, with that said, if you have any experience, doing anything at all, just shoot me an e-mail, or contact me in the MUD. I'm usually on anytime after 5 weekdays, and most of the time on the weekend. E-mail contacts I can reply to right away, as they come straight to my phone.

Thanks for stopping in, any questions, feel free to ask. Thanks,

host: eotmud.com
port: 2674
email: ripdarkness@gmail.com
04 May, 2013, Ssolvarain wrote in the 2nd comment:
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I'd just like to chime in here real quick.

Lograk/Ryzic is a great member of the mudding community with a great heart and a whole lot of drive. If you choose to invest your time in his project, you won't be disappointed in the slightest.

He spent a few years hosting End of Time (You can ask Hades_Kane) and he's not a bad person who's just gonna leave you high and dry when the project gets interesting.

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05 May, 2013, Lograk wrote in the 3rd comment:
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Just figured I'd drop in to give a better detailed list on the changes to the MUD:

* Custom combat system using the ATB/CT system from Final Fantasy Tactics.
* Job system from Final Fantasy Tactics.
* Zodiac system from Final Fantasy Tactics
* New stat system, using Brave/Faith, as well as Speed and Jump. Each one effects something in battle, Brave with damage/successful skill
landing, and Faith with spells. Speed effects how fast you can ACT, while Jump has yet to be incorporated in the code.
* Action handler code, which allows for more balance on skills/spells. Once you activate a skill/spell, you then enter a timer for the skill/spell,
then it is executed. This can be enhanced to allow for more features during this process.
* Custom worldmap code, which reads worldmap files and parses them into x/y coordinates.
* Custom affects system
* Custom party system, with the ability to hire party members or create your own, which level up with you. Party members each have an inventory allocated to 15 spaces, and can be assigned equipment to wear. Party members can be assigned a "command" which allows you to control how they fight. Commands stick until changed.
* ASCII automapper, using 3x3 room grid views, complete with flags detailing shops, and moving grass/water.
* Shop code redone, to allow items to be viewed completely before they are bought with the detail command.
* Stat growth code, depending on equipment worn. You gain SP for each action, and that SP is applied to all stats, and then multiplied by your equipment worns multiplier. Then, each stat is "leveled" up.
* New help file system, based on Brian Graversen's implementation of loading help files "on the fly", and each help is sorted into categories, which then can be viewed upon typing help <category>

Still looking for all positions, mainly currently looking for lead Administrative roles.

13 May, 2013, Chris Bailey wrote in the 4th comment:
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I stopped by but couldn't figure out how to try out your combat system.
14 May, 2013, Lograk wrote in the 5th comment:
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Ah, sorry. I was around but just in another window. If you want to log back in, I'll show it to you.
15 May, 2013, Lograk wrote in the 6th comment:
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Just wanted to chime in on an update:

I've had to move the MUD and put it on a new VPS, due to running out of disk space on the old server. This is probably going to be temporary, but could turn into a permanent home. (also had to do a LOT of GCC compiler fixes, but everything is up to date with the current GCC compiler). BUT! I'm still seeking all positions.

I haven't been able to do much code work seeing as how the VPS ran out of disk space, but, things are back rolling again now.

IP :
Port: 2674

15 May, 2013, Lograk wrote in the 7th comment:
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Update again, back on the original vps, so disregard last post.

16 May, 2013, Hades_Kane wrote in the 8th comment:
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Just to clarify, the VPS issue was my fault, not his. Had some major life stuff happen in the last couple of months and while I've been getting all of that straight, there's some maintenance I neglected which caused us to hit our storage limit (which is high enough that it normally isn't a problem, the problem being months worth of nightly backups that I hadn't gone in and cleared out after nabbing a few here and there for archival purposes).

Apologies for that, steps are being taken to ensure this won't be likely to happen again.