21 Apr, 2013, DemonAlucard wrote in the 1st comment:
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Greetings MubBytes I am the administrator of Planets: Rise to
Power and I am here to tell you that I am hiring for builder
positions for a new project called Sins of a Kingdom or SoaK
for short. This project name is NOT set in stone because we
are in the process of developing areas for the mud and also
fleshing out the story line as well. I have already put a
decent amount of work into putting together an ASCII
overworld map. The map may also change over time depending
on what happens in the next months to come, here is the
pertinent information about the mud its theme and what I
need from potential builders:

Smaug Heavily modified

Pure Fantasy setting and theme

Time setting is during a fictitious 1300's black plague era

Complex Technologies in their simpler forms such as
electricity, masonry, guns (think single shot pistols), and
fantastic creations that couldn't possibly exist of course.

We already have an ASCII mapped overworld
Clans, councils, guilds, orders, deities
Original races
Semi classless, working on skill settings to resemble Skyrim's Skill system but not outright copy it.

Builders would be required to create sprawling kingdoms
while staying in theme and setting as well as create smaller
settlements that have little to no tech at all available to

Hopefully I am not missing anything important as these are
most of the things I need from a good building staff. Of
course I'm not expecting miracles so those who are truly
interested in helping I will leave my email address for you
to send me a 'application' of sorts.

Please send your emails to colormeblind@frostmud.com I will
respond to your email as soon as possible. Do include the
following in your email:

Real Name:
Mud Name:
Years Building:
Muds you have built for:
OLC Experience (Smaug Preferred):

Why do you want to build for us?

I know the last question is a bit much but I like to know if
the person I am going to be considering for our build team
is truly going to stick around, or if they simply plan on
making a mess and never show up again. There is a lot to
consider when applying to a build team; Will I have enough
time to put in the effort? Do I really want to build for
this mud or would I rather play it? Do I have the experience
they need? If you have to ask yourself these questions then
perhaps you aren't right for this particular position
because whether I have a good build team to back me up or
not I plan to keep building because I do have the time,
experience, and determination. Granted experience is great
but I am pretty flexible in that area I can pretty well
teach any builder the ropes of this OLC system.

To conclude this I want to say thank you for taking the time
to read this post and anyone wishing to come and see the
project first hand and possibly become a builder or play
tester can point your mud client to:

port 8505