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There have been a lot of updates and additions to the game server in the last couple of months:

- There is a new level 24 area, Fort Magnesia, between the Viking village raid and Wyvren forest on the island of Archais. This area was created by the builder Bamboo.

- There is a new level 23 area, the Smugglers Cove, in the ocean west of Seaside on the island of Archais. This area was created by the builders Inessa and Morpheus.

- A new level 30 area, the Celestial Circle, has been added in the forest just east of Ralnoth, on the Mainland. This area was created by the builder Draak.

- A number of quests and creature updates have been add to Ralnoth, thanks to the builder Draak.

- The Abandoned Citadel in the mountains near Orton has been updated.

- The Taber Brothers Carnival is once again open and currently set up between Seaside and Gad's Landing on the island of Archais. This area is now level 24.

- A large number of mainland areas, including the extremely high level Underwater Ruins, have been updated and releveled.

- The quest setup on the mid-level island of Kordan has been updated and improved.

- There has been a massive change to the way that fame and experience are calculated. The new systems are more fair to high level players, and will make it easier for us to release future expansions and raise player level.

- Two new low level mage spells have been added, 'static blast' at level 2, and 'frostflower' at level 8. There is also a triggerable combination spell effect for using them in short succession.

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