15 Mar, 2013, Davenge wrote in the 1st comment:
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War for Midgaard is a new mud, currently unplayable. All the areas are being built from scratch. It uses a Smaugfuss1.9b but most of the code for all essential featuers has been gutted or is being gutted.

I am the headcoder/owner, we are currently hosted on a stable server hosted by Third Generation Mud Hosting. We are using git for version control. I've done and am working on a lot of stuff. Porting in new patches once to three times a week. Looking for anohter coder to help do side projects just to speed things up. This is a huge project, don't be mistaken, so if you aren't interested in working on a large project like this please don't apply. I don't mean to sound rude, I've just had a few people get turned off by the enormity of it but then say they'd still try and never show up again. Which is fine, but I'd rather be coding then wasting my time on that.

Building is going great. We have a good head builder and two other builders plugging away. All areas are mapped out on a google docs global spreadsheet ahead of time because the mud has been converted to a hybrid room/coordinate system and we want to be sure you don't design a large area then run into problems if it butts into another's area.

For testers I'm looking for people who are good at math, are comfortable with having multiple characters logged in a once, comfortable creating their own mobs and items within the Smaug building methods and who have a nose for bugs and exploitation. I'm cranking out a lot of code these days and not looking back from the initial debugs, it's probably not as robust as it could be!

We currently run a facebook page to track development and patches in a place that most people check frequently. We also have that setup to group chat, motivate each other, share what we're working on and why, ask questions if we have them. It works well. More details about the mud are in text documents linked below:


Please, feel free to log on! swpk.net::6500 and type changes all to see what's done so far!

Apply for positions at korisd@gmail.com or you can PM me but Im likely to miss that.
18 Mar, 2013, thebigirish wrote in the 2nd comment:
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First off My names Irish(mike), and I'm a coder/builder for W4M. Here's a bit of an update, from the builder perspective, and a few things about the code! The fight system is almost totally redone now, and the quest system is nearly done thanks to Davenge. We also now have 9 totally unique areas built, with our new realm features, and coordinate system working and fully functional. Things are shaping up great, and shaping up fast. Right now Davenge and myself, spend hours and hours every day, along with our other staff, working hard on the mud in the codebase and in game. We always need more staff though, and I'd like to get a bigger team of builders working together, to help develope and shape the lands with myself and the Head Builder Ether. So if you think you might like to join us, you can email me at pyropath666@yahoo.ca or, text me at (+)1 (289) 335-4903 telling me who you are, and whats up and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Or, you can pop around most times of the day in game to message me, but if I'm in the codebase, or on our spread sheet map working, I may miss your messages right away and take some time to respond. Dont be discouraged if you log in and dont see anyone! We work hard in the codebase, and communicate on facebook for optimal managability sometimes.
Dont forget!
(dont forget to type changes all, and see what davenge has been hard at work on!)
21 Mar, 2013, thebigirish wrote in the 3rd comment:
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Well, just thought I'd give another update! I've built a couple more areas, and installed them. Davenge the owner/head coder has been working his arse off though so I thought I'd post our changelog. He started on feb 4th, and most recent 4 changes are from this morning! I hope this gives people some incentive to hop on board with our hard working team, and join in on the fun [sorry the changelog is so large, but our coder is a hard worker! builders are too!]

-=[ War for Midgaard Changelog ]=-
No. Coder Date Type Change
[ 1] Davenge 02/04/2013 Code Added a new changelog
[ 2] Davenge 02/04/2013 Code New classes now selectable
[ 3] Davenge 02/06/2013 Code Changed the way exits are displayed.
[ 4] Davenge 02/08/2013 Code Changed the Editor to be a bit more friendly when
receiving more than 79 characters at a time.
[ 5] Davenge 02/14/2013 Code Range is now mset/oset/ostat/mstat/identify friendly
and saves properly.
[ 6] Davenge 02/15/2013 Code Range ssetable too.
[ 7] Davenge 02/15/2013 Code Removed "fight styles" because they aren't part of the
design but were included in stock Smaug.
[ 8] Davenge 02/23/2013 Code Put the Mud on a Coordinate/Room hybrid style to
support ranged combat and other sexy features
[ 9] Davenge 02/23/2013 Code Added Realms and the realm command to manage realms
[ 10] Davenge 02/23/2013 Code Added angles and exangle to the redit command
[ 11] Davenge 02/23/2013 Code Edited goto to allow the first room that gotos to
creates the center of a realm
[ 12] Davenge 02/24/2013 Help Help room, explains the new coordinate system to
builders… Hopefully
[ 13] Davenge 02/24/2013 Help Added help Realm to explain details about the new
realm command and a bit about realms themselves
[ 14] Davenge 02/24/2013 Help Edited redit to show exangle.
[ 15] Davenge 02/24/2013 Help Added an "exangle" helpfile to explain exangles.
[ 16] Davenge 03/04/2013 Code The new fight mechancis are in minus the math on
chance_to_hit/damage done on hit.
[ 17] Davenge 03/04/2013 Code Added new commands to support fight system: Target and
[ 18] Davenge 03/04/2013 Code Modified Commands to Support new fight system: Kill,
[ 19] Davenge 03/04/2013 Code Also Modified: Mstat to show targetting info both what
mob is targetted and who its being targetted by
[ 20] Davenge 03/05/2013 Code Modified "Target" to be more user friendly… Now to
write helpfiles
[ 21] Davenge 03/05/2013 Help Changed the help combat helpfile
[ 22] Davenge 03/05/2013 Help Added helpfiles: Combat, Advanced Combat(work in
progress), Target, Kill, Stop
[ 23] Davenge 03/05/2013 Code Added stopkill delay to stop so that you can't spam
[ 24] Davenge 03/05/2013 Code Minor bug fixes that were causing crash with purge and
extracted_chars in general.
[ 25] Davenge 03/06/2013 Code Added Cooldowns to skills. Currently can set them
with sset, but skills don't actually go on cooldown
yet. Will be re-writing the skill methods so no need
to put it in the antiquated stuff.
[ 26] Davenge 03/06/2013 Code Put Affect, Timers and Cooldowns all on split second
timers like Combat Lag.
[ 27] Davenge 03/09/2013 Code Fixed copyover bug
[ 28] Davenge 03/09/2013 Code New stats are in and old ones that are irrelevant
removed, forgot magic resist and magic attack tho…
Next patch from my laptop will have
[ 29] Davenge 03/09/2013 Code Skills, Weapons now osettable to have a damtype and
damtypes listed with cast identify and ostat
[ 30] Davenge 03/09/2013 Code Weapons now wpntype settable via oset and show up with
identify and ostat
[ 31] Davenge 03/11/2013 Code Fixed the problem with realming where proto areas
didn't load into the realm when "loada <name. Area>"
was typed.
[ 32] Davenge 03/11/2013 Code Beta command is now in.
[ 33] Davenge 03/11/2013 Help "Help Beta" now explains a bit about what the beta
command does
[ 34] Davenge 03/11/2013 Code Ported over a portion of the new fight system that
will handle auto-attacks. Not all evade checks are in
for dam_messages and check_evades
[ 35] Davenge 03/11/2013 Help Help combat math is now in to explain the math for
[ 36] Davenge 03/11/2013 Code Combat chat filters are in. You can set/view them via
the "channels" command.
[ 37] Davenge 03/11/2013 Help Modified help channels to reflect the new change
[ 38] Davenge 03/13/2013 Code Adjusted Fight Math for attack and defense roll to not
be a percentage increase but a flat one.
[ 39] Davenge 03/13/2013 Help Updated Combat Math to reflect new changes
[ 40] Davenge 03/13/2013 Code For Immortals new config option "coord" to show
coords, instead of them being tied together with vnum
[ 41] Davenge 03/13/2013 Code Added functionality to get accurate and limitless(with
diminishign) returns attack, magic attack, magic
defense, and defense based on stats.
[ 42] Davenge 03/13/2013 Code Color will no longer mess up the compass when used in
room names
[ 43] Davenge 03/13/2013 Code Everyone now has their own internal "fight round"
timer. ALlowing you to potentially have more combat
rounds then your opponent.
[ 44] Davenge 03/13/2013 Code Two new stats have been added, haste and
haste_from_magic. Combined they cap at 50% and
haste(from items) caps at 20% and from_magic at 30%.
Haste affects cooldowns and attacks per round based on
weapon weight.
[ 45] Davenge 03/13/2013 Code Weapon Weight now affects your round timer. Heavy the
weapon longer between rounds, can shorten this by
adding haste.
[ 46] Davenge 03/13/2013 Code Starting Stats for all classes, base: hp mv mp,
gains/level: hp mv mp are all set now based on class
[ 47] Davenge 03/13/2013 Code Functionality to switch between classes is now in
place. Currently there is no command but it can be
done as an Immortal via mset.
[ 48] Davenge 03/13/2013 Code Exp gained is now adjusted, how exp affects levels and
how one levels is now changed. EXP is no longer a
cumulative stat. Each time you level, it gets set
down to zero plus the remainder of what you had left
after gaining. So, if you are at 500 and needed 600
to level and you get 200 exp, you will gain a level
and be set to 100 xp.
[ 49] Davenge 03/18/2013 Code The new Talk System is in.
[ 50] Davenge 03/18/2013 Code New Commands: Talk, Tset
[ 51] Davenge 03/18/2013 Code New MPCOMMAND: mpendconversation <target/all>
[ 52] Davenge 03/18/2013 Code Many minor bugfixes
[ 53] Davenge 03/18/2013 Help Added Helpfiles: Talk and Tset(for immortals)
[ 54] Davenge 03/18/2013 Help Modified MPCOMMANDS to show the new mpcommand
[ 55] Davenge 03/21/2013 Code Tset now has a "show" command
[ 56] Davenge 03/21/2013 Code Added the new threat system.
[ 57] Davenge 03/21/2013 Help Help threat now in to explain the threat sytem
[ 58] Davenge 03/21/2013 Help Help forgive is now in to give a brief explanation on
the forgive command.
There are [ 58 ] changes in the database, 4 of them were added today.
Also see: 'changes all' for a list of all the changes.
Or: 'changes <type>' for a filtered list of all.

2 more just added!
[ 59] Davenge 03/21/2013 Code Mset Class now works on mobs.
[ 60] Davenge 03/21/2013 Code Removed the Thirst/Hunger mechanics. If a character
was previously hungry it will need to be fed, but
never again.
25 Mar, 2013, thebigirish wrote in the 4th comment:
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Another update!
Davenge has coded from scratch, his own unique quest system. Combined with his new talk system, and new mpcommands, it has basically no limits or restrictions on what you can do with it, and its very easy to use and create new quests. I'll be willing to teach anyone who wants to come help us out, all the new commands we have for them. We're looking for builders, testers, help file editors, or generally useful people to help out, lol. We're doing more than fine with our current team, but the more the merrier :)