19 Feb, 2013, thebigirish wrote in the 1st comment:
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Where would I post a topic about looking for builders, and admins for my new mud? If this is the wrong spot, someone please let me know, and I'll move my post.

New DBZ themed mud. Going for the feel of the old "DBZW;R". Even have some/alot of the old code, though its modified. Currently looking for builders, and a fairly strong coder, who want to stick around and become part of a long lasting team. We're in this for the long run here, so join us and see our project grow. Also looking for a couple general admin, to helping with testing, and basic stuff.
20 Feb, 2013, Tyche wrote in the 2nd comment:
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The forum is called…
Promotions and Recruitment
or possibly…
Skill Trade
if you are offering some service in exchange.