26 Oct, 2012, arbin wrote in the 1st comment:
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Connect to Dragonball: Sphere of Fantasy

We are in need of Players looking for a mud to call home, there are plenty of features available, Customizable Weapons and Armor based on forging Elemental Upgrade Stones, Its also a cross mud to Final Fantasy, so there is a Materia System that eventually unlocks new powers and infuses your body with an elemental resistance and strength. The Android Race has been completely redone to make it seem more like your an android and have to install your parts or augment enhancements to your body. At the moment there is no powerlevel loss from death and the afterlife is being redone, the players we have are plenty helpful and they are the nicest bunch I've met in a long time. I started playing as a Saiyan, but created an Android to help a friend get his transformations and quickly started to like the new setup for them. There's plenty to offer as far as things to come go, but give what we have now a shot, it takes Players as well as Administrators to make a mud worth playing. So give this Mud a shot, I'm sure you wont be disappointed, a happy PBase makes things happy for everyone.


Ok, this mud isn't owned by me and the code job is for this mud but on a separate server and host. I and the Owner of DB:SOF will be running the separate port, if he so chooses to make a presence there. I've got plenty of projects that would be useful to the main port and alot of time on my hands. I'm kinda rusty at C/C++ so any help would be greatly appreciated. I am posting this on my own and was not asked to do so cause I've made this mud my home after a 5 year absence, I build on the main server, and code separately for it. I have 13+ years with Smaug, and know the in-game commands like the back of my hand and after a few more weeks of coding, I should know the code pretty well as well, I am using my old codebase Dragonball: The Forsaken Future which is available for download on MudBytes in the Code Repository. If You are interested in helping to make Sphere of Fantasy a better place to call home, please click the link above or copy and paste it into your Mud Client, and catch me online, or write me a Gnote. Leviathan is the Owner so please do not pester him with questions, I am handling this all on my own.

02 Nov, 2012, arbin wrote in the 2nd comment:
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OK, now that I've got the codebase set up, its gonna be called Dragonball Z: Opensource G.C.E (Group Code Effort), I will be hiring anyone that wants to help out on this open source project and will be uploading the code on a weekly basis as it progresses.

We Are looking for Coders and Builders. I will be performing Interviews, contact me online to set one up.


Connect to Dragonball Z: Opensource G.C....