16 Aug, 2012, Zusuk wrote in the 1st comment:
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Hey folks. A friend of mine that I met via the tbaMUD forums directed me to this website. Glad to see such a strong thriving MUD community still around.

A little about myself, I've been a long time MUDder (15+ years), builder and developer at certain stages. My close friend was actually one of the original contributors to CircleMUD mailing list, and his name is in the credits of CWG (just noticed this).

Anyhow, we use to run a MUD called Luminari that was in early Beta way back, and due to both having serious military committments, had to take her down.

Recently, I got the 'OK' from my wife to get Luminari back into Beta, so I dusted her off and started porting her over to the tbaMUD codebase. I'm a few weeks into development now.

I've already actually met a few of the people I see in the posts, so its great to see you guys and its nice to meet anyone else out there who is in the world of developing a CircleMUD!

I'll try to visit the forums often, if people want to say hi to me, come visit me on the development port of Luminari.



Luminari Development Port
16 Aug, 2012, Idealiad wrote in the 2nd comment:
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Welcome to MB Zusuk. I was curious if your copy of tba has IMC patched in (or maybe this is part of the codebase now?). If not you might like that for some cross-mud chat.
16 Aug, 2012, Igabod wrote in the 3rd comment:
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I work on a circle based mud that is linked in my signature. Gicker has done a LOT of work on it and it is highly modified. But you should check it out to see some of what can be done with the code. He also has two other themes using the same code that are more medieval in nature.
17 Aug, 2012, Zusuk wrote in the 4th comment:
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Igabod: I actually checked out and spoke a little bit with Gicker, I was very impressed with what he's done so far… As a matter of fact, as far as mechanics, its the closest match to DnD I've seen on a MUD. I'm definitely a fan, and I stop by the Dragonlance MUD on occasion in hopes of running into peeps.

Idealiad: I just figured out what IMC stands for :P I don't think its part of the stock code, if it is I haven't ran into it yet. I'm gonna ask around though for more info about it.
17 Aug, 2012, Exodus wrote in the 5th comment:
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Checked out the website, was angered and confused by the logo until I figured out it wasn't a navbar. Thank you for not making it a nav bar. :redface:
18 Aug, 2012, Zusuk wrote in the 6th comment:
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Hahah, really the website is just a placeholder for FMud right now :p
18 Aug, 2012, Gicker wrote in the 7th comment:
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Hey Zusuk,

We're releasing the forgotten realms cocebase soon, we're just ironining out some of the last major bugs. You're welcome to use it or parts of it when we release it. I will post on these forums when we do.


19 Aug, 2012, Zusuk wrote in the 8th comment:
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Hey man :) For sure I'll be one of the first in-line to check it out. Although at this stage, I'm not even done porting over old Luminari onto tbaMUD stock.

Also found out my previous server wasn't keeping some of the major components (such as php) up to date, so I'm in the process of moving to a new server. The good news is suddenly both HMUD and FMud are working better :P

I'm definitely stoked though to be developing again, and I'll be stopping by StarWardsD20 to shoot the breeze sooner than later.