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We are a MUD running on a heavily modified version of the CoffeeMUD codebase. We started out as a Traditional Games (D&D, mainly) MUD, but that sort of lost its direction, and tgmud itself is sort of a mishmash. In a good way, though. We have:

- 7000+ rooms.
- 33 default player races.
- 45 player classes.
- Magical abilities and items of all sorts.
- Martial & mundane classes that aren't helpless against magic.
- A constantly building MUD. New places, abilities and code changes every week.
- A friendly and welcoming community.
- A very roleplay-friendly environment.
- Player-foundable clans and a multitude of (mostly imported) places to conquer and control.
- Player-ownable houses, and skills that allow them to decorate, furnish and edit their homes.
- ANSI colors and MXP support.
- Dynamic, mostly player-controlled plot.

New characters find themselves in the Hub, an apparent interdimensional net. The Hub is a small community built atop a semistable portal network. There are several somewhat consistent portals, but smaller, less significant portals open and close daily - abducting people from their rightful dimensions and often closing behind them, forcing them to abandon their old life and join the interesting social structure that has evolved from the complete anarchy of the Hub. Clans have risen and fallen, attempts to seize power have failed, people have died, and yet, life goes on.

Website: http://www5.tgchan.org:27744/
IRC: #tgmud on irc.rizon.net
MUD: www5.tgchan.org PORT 5555


There are rumors of an ancient civilization buried deep under the land, beneath the cities of Ofcol, Obsidian Roost, and Midgaard. The exceedingly rare metal Ezerium, never wearing, never breaking, is abundant in these testaments to a long-dead race. Shining cities still function, mechanical systems made of an indestructible metal still running centuries after they were mysteriously abandoned. Some entrances have been discovered on the surface, such as the ruins of Escerul, along the mountain path between Ofcol and the Roost. Others have been unearthed far underground, by those who have dug too deep, such as the Underdark, and below it, the unspeakable Nightmare Depths. Now adventurers prepare to explore the dangerous remains, be it for money from the valuable trinkets found inside, or the chance to acquire unworked Ezerium, or to try and return with some of the advanced knowledge buried in the sparkling graves, or even to attempt to unravel the mystery behind the disappearance of the enigmatic Ancients.

The rich mining city of Obsidian Roost has long had its gates closed to all but wealthy merchants. Its population is largely dwarven, notorious for their distrust of other races, but also for their greed, and greed eventually overwhelms. The luxuries developed within its pitch-black walls over decades of prosperity will soon be made available to travelers of all creeds.