10 Aug, 2012, Baiou wrote in the 1st comment:
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I keep defaulting back to programming and I realize that it's not me. I've been a silent watcher of this site and muds and my track record is that I don't really finish projects. Ha! It's so true when it comes to this stuff. I've mudded under the name of Tsurin and administered under this name, Baiou. Sometimes, I'd use Kensei but that was common. I've been on the staff of muds and have even seen a couple of hacks and attempted takeovers. Smaug's freeze command is dope. I've attempted to program a total of 6 projects. 1 of which was recently running in testing, but nothing. A while back I announced myself as an alternative pop artist and somewhere down the line, I realized thats who I am. That's what I wanted to do. My involvement with the Mudding community has always been kind of private because I wanted to come out with a Bang and be known for having a cool mud, but I'll never make that cause my passion is in music. With that said, I really respect all of the admins, hosts, and staff members out there who are able to maintain good codebases and if not, keep trying. Muds will always be a part of my interests, but I'm just no good at them. I throw in the towel and choose music.

If any of you are on twitter, follow me @BelleVEXand like the facebook page. It'd be a great help. You can also check out my music on reverbnationand get all of these pages at my official site. Plus my mug shot. I'm also trying to book on a tour where votes help at theunsignedtour

***I DON'T EXPECT ANYONE TO DO ANY OF THIS!!!*** Just letting you know where I'll be if any of you are interested. F*** the World, you guys are dope. Thanks for the fun.