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Goblins are rising, Elves are running from the forests, Dwarfs are fleeing from the mountains, demons are raising from hell, angels are no where to be found, Randian's elemental crystals are becoming corrupt. A king summons a small group of warriors…will you answer the king's call or will you betray him?

The world of Randian is hiring for staff members.

Randian is being programmed and built on tbaMUD 3.63.

Randian is currently looking for the following positions:

Head Builder
Event Writer
Help File Writer

Head Builder would be in charge of managing the Builders, building his own area, mobs, rooms, and shops. Also helping builders with problems they encounter with aedit, oedit, redit, etc. It would be a plus if you had some knowledge with triggers. Must have experience with OLC building.

Builders would be building the world of Randian. They would need to be able to complete their area's in a fashionable time. They must have some knowledge of OLC. I'm willing to teach and help with basic building.

Event writers would be writing side quests, events, and story lines for Randian. They must be able to express future areas and other ideas to myself and other team members.

Help file writer would be in charge of writing help files for skills, abilities and other things.

If your interested in giving your time and ideas to Randian, then please fill out the simple application on Randian's Website
right here(If the link doesn't work, remove the mudbytes part from the url link or just go to randian.xidus.net/hiring.php)

- Liko