01 Jul, 2012, Splork wrote in the 1st comment:
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I've made a few improvements regarding our flash client for SlothMUD, mainly the map box is now fully functional and displays the player moving around the game in real time. Ive been slowly creating the maps, one at a time, using Dundjinni and CC3. Its an incredibly slow process but the results are fun to see. I am not the greatest but the maps are decent enough to display.

A sample screen shot can be found at

If anyone is interested in trying it out with IE or Firefox( I have not tested it on anything else )

Create a newbie and log into either VK or Bal Harbor during the login process. Ive created 4-5 maps of VK and only one of the main town of Bal Harbor( although this is the best map thus far ).

The client is a mix of Fmud and http://www.avenshar.com/ custom graphical client.

My goal is to create a map a week and get our newbie continent completed, as players usually switch to better clients or ones they are more familiar with and then they no longer have access to this feature.

We have code in place( but not yet activated on live port) which takes the dynamic world map we created a decade ago and allows zooming for areas which have maps completed:

Once we go live with this, other clients will be able to embed the zoomed map into windows and have access to the same feature, if they choose to.

Its strange adding such graphical measures to a MUD, but the results have been very gratifying in regards to increasing our player base.

I am now moving on to the avatar button which will be very similar to the online RPG games and display an avatar character with equipment which is being worn, removed and inventory of items, and the like… This feature will be utterly pointless in regards to game play but again, hopefully the eye candy continues to help draw some new players…