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Children of the Night 2.5: The Original
Xrakisis [www.ianshirm.net] (marcusironfist@hotmail.com)

The Hybrids cotn that has been running now about 6 years on and off.

Classes: Demon, Werewolf, Drow, Vampire, Tanarri, UK, Angel, Wraith
Assassin, Paladin, Elemental, Dragon, Hydra, Zombie, Technomage,
Shinobi, Anti-Paladin, Giant, Skyblade, Priest, Ghoul.

[UNDEAD LYCAN]: Werewolf/Vampire
[HELLS SOLDIER]: Demon/Assassin
-=(xGaia Wolfx)=-: Werewolf/Elemental
[Shadowborn]: Drow/Wraith
-=(xDruidx)=-: Paladin/Elemental
[Shadow Dragon]: Demon/Dragon
[Shadow Fiend]: Demon/Wraith
[Stalker]: Werewolf/Drow
[HELLS SPAWN]: Vampire/Tanar'ri
{/*}Black Assassin{/*}: Drow/Assassin
<<Vampyric Mist>>: Vampire/Wraith
.x(Silver Dragon)x.: Angel/Dragon
.x(Gold Dragon)x.: Paladin/Dragon

*Races of cotn
*Human: Superberserk
*Chimera: Chimeraattack, Fbreath, Chimeraform, Csting
*Cerberus: Cerberusform, Cerberusattack, Engulf, Eternal
*Cyclops: Crushingblow, Cyclopsattack, Tremble
*Griffin: Gswoop, Griffinattack, Buffet, Griffinform, Eagleeye
*Harpie: Hscream, Pirate, Hspit, Buffet
*Phoenix: Sunbolt, Sunmerge, Divebomb, Tear, Rebirth
*Satyr: Scharm, Satyrattack
*Medusa: Snakebite, Look, Turnhead
*Titan: Flameburst, Supermight, Titanheal, Tearthquake
*Fenris: Bite, Fenrisform, Fhowl, Frage
*Nymph: Look, Gentletouch, Turnhead
*Spectre: Mistform, Spectralhand, Deathtouch, Sblink, Phase
*Minotaur: Mgore, Minotaurattack, Mcharge
*Centaur: Thunderhammer, Trample, Centaurattack
*Valkyrie: Bless, Vswoop, Vcurse

- Wilderness Installed
- Material system, 220 materials.
-mix command to make an alloy
-materials command with 9 arguments to see amounts of raw materials
-smith to forge weapons from raw materials
-forgearmor to forge armor from raw materals
-mine and chop integrated with wilderness
- Auto-generated room descriptions.
- Weather. (incorporated into room descs, among other things)
- Connect and Forge Runes into eq for +50 HR/DR
- Glyphs for special affects to Weapons
- Races
- Original Areas
- Xcenter installed (players can now view class stats)
(number attacks, damcap, wpn levels, parry, dodge)
(Admins can change values from in-game)
- Rom style damage messages
- Attacks go to body parts
- Basic and Rare autoloading EQ
- Armorcraft to custom create armor
- Player Symbiotes
- Auction System
- Player Arena
- Fbuy to create slabs, gemstones, stones (for armorcraft)
- Kingdoms
- Convert to change qp to Exp and Exp to Qp
- Qp gained from mob kills
- Leveling Weapons and Armor
- Xset installed
- 11 Hybrid Classes
- Weapon types and stances redone
- Trainable Rank, Resistance and Legend
- Exp that doesnt cap at 2billion
- Object connect code
- Globalpeace and checkfighting added for immortals.
- Vampires auto-bite to gain more blood while fighting
- Jail Code
- Shop code installed
- Kavirs Soundex snippit installed
- Tiers and Tierkill to gain them
- Shield wear location and Shield block (similar to parry/dodge)
- Guilds:Dark Hand, Guardian, Crusaders, Druid, Beast, Damned
*Each guild as a 32 room fortess with grecall
*Guild members can hire guards and soldiers
*Guild fortresses connected by a battlefield area