19 Jun, 2012, rumble wrote in the 1st comment:
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Things have been very busy these past few months and I wanted to provide everyone an update.

Vatiken released tbaMUD 3.63 which now includes protocol support and 256 colors.

Welcor and I revamped www.tbamud.com with new forums, downloads section, and websvn. The downloads section includes an FTP like interface where users can submit snippets.

Builders: Come to tbamud.com 9091 to learn how to build, improve your existing skills, ask questions, share ideas, or just hang out.

Developers: Contribute to the codebase, report bugs, use the forums, and upload snippets.

Players: Test the development port and the 180+ zones at tbamud.com 4000.

We are constantly improving the codebase and appreciate all feedback and help.

The Builder Academy
tbamud.com 9091