07 Apr, 2012, Gicker wrote in the 1st comment:
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Hey all,

Just wanted to let you all know about our suite of MUDs using d20 rules.

We are running 3 different MUDs using d20 rules, under the dragonlance, forgotten realms and star wars themes.

The basic mud codebase offers the following features:

- auto experience rewards for role playing
- detailed, clean-looking score sheet
- mentor system allowing you to group with any level
- optional pvp system
- ascii automap in room descriptions
- crafting system allowing you to create your own gear with custom stats and descriptions
- traditional, diku-style pulse based combat
- MSDP & MXP enabled code
- pet system allowing for mounts, pets and companions that can tank for you and offer additional attacks each round.
- multiclassing system
- menu based levelling process
- d20 feat, skill and spell/force power systems
- mob bounties awarding exp, credits and quest points
- coded quests, some of which offer unique storylines
-guild system in the works, for additional benefits based on your guild and guild level
-clans with clan ranks, banks, clan mail, clan channel, and clan lists showing online and all members ordered by rank.

The Star Wars version has all of this, plus some additional features:
- 6 base classes, force adept, scout, scoundrel, squad leader, soldier & trader (try saying that 5 times fast!)
- 18 base races and 1 advaced race (with more to come)
- 3 prestige class (weapon master, jedi knight, gunslinger, more to come)
- taxi system for travel between zones (planets are too big for roads-only in our minds)
- shuttle system for travel between planets
- phase 1 of space system complete with purchasable ships usable to travel between planets
- 9 force powers to date (more to come)
- 3 planets, each having 3-5 zones
- market ward area for selling objects to other players, saving over reboots
- item bank for storing and sharing gear between characters on the same account

The Dragonlance and Forgotten Realms Version also have:
-spell memorization system for memorization based classes
-multiclassed spell lists
-spell slots for slot based classes like sorcerers
- All of the base classes from the d20 SRD plus favored soul
- over a dozen prestige classes with more to come, including weapon master, dragon rider and dragon disciple
-animal companions, wild shape, pets and more
-epic feats and epic spells, including dragon knight
-deity system with religious organizations to come

If this sounds like something you can sink your teeth into, come check out our web site for more information at www.d20mud.com.

Take care!

Gicker, Owner and Lead Developer of d20MUD

Star Wars: direct.d20mud.com port 6000
Dragonlance: direct.d20mud.com port 4000
Forgotten Realms: direct.d20mud.com port 7000
23 May, 2012, Gicker wrote in the 2nd comment:
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Hey all,

Some news with the Star Wars and Dragonlance MUDs. They are rolling towards Role Play Required. This means that role play is required, through code implementation that penalizes pure hack and slash play. Role play with not be enforced by staff members, though staff will encourage it at times by running RP events.

We've increased the amount need to level and implemented some adjustments to mob behavior which will increase difficulty in combat, but also make it a little more interesting. Everyone has been given enough exp to be at 0% of their TNL for the new exp requirements, though it might appear you have lost all your progress, you actually now have almost double the exp you had before.

We will be focusing on two main things in the short term. Role play tools and enhancements for Dragonlance and Star Wars MUDs, and a Space System for Star Wars MUD. I will also, as always, be adding little things here and there between the bigger priorities and projects.

Also on our list are some dynamic PvE code and PvP system enhancements. PvP will become a viable way of levelling, though the system will always be optional… you will never be ganked if you have no intention of being involved in pk. For PvE, we plan dynamic invasions and group zones, and for PvP a conquest system.

Also coming are families (spouses, children, cousins, uncles, grandfathers, etc) which will be a kind of clan system wherein you can be adopted into the family, or born into it.

As always we are open to feedback. Most of what I implement that does not come straight out of a d20 game rulebook comes from players and other imms, so if you have something you want to see let me know.

I know I've been neglecting the Dragonlance and Forgotten Realms MUDs. If anyone wants to have an imm on either of those MUDs, please let me know. My focus will be on Star Wars for a good while to come, but eventually those two will start to get attention as well, and I will try to fix bugs there that I made aware of (I don't often log in and read the notes, so email or here via PM might be the best way to let me know).

Cheers all!

13 Aug, 2012, Gicker wrote in the 3rd comment:
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Development has resumed on both Star Wars d20 and Dragonlance d20. Forgotten Realms d20 is going to be released to the public in a few weeks.

Main goals in the upcoming week are:

- Get Code from Forgotten Realms MUD made compatible with Dragonlance: 80% complete

Star Wars:
- Create Sith Sorcerer Prestige Class: Not Started
- Revise Armor System: Not Started

As always we are seeking players and staff. Come check us out at:

Star Wars: d20mud.com port 6000
Dragonlance: d20mud.com port 4000

Cheers all,