09 Nov, 2011, Sorressean wrote in the 1st comment:
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Hello all:
I have a friend that is looking at using smaugfuss probably, and he wants some help. I wanted to help him get going and help him code every once in a while; we came up with some ideas that I'm not really sure how to implement looking at the code.
First, he wants to rip out all the spells and create his own. How hard is this to do? I've started pulling some out, but it looks like there's some stuff that depends on them. I'm worried about breaking things.
Second, He wants to add other properties to weapons and armor, as well as work around the player stats and add attributes based off of those stats. Can I just add those in, then add them to the serialization functions? Is there somewhere where stats and that are calculated when a player gains a level?
Finally, the properties to weapons and armor and the like. I'm not really able to figure out how this works–when we kill a mob the eq on the mob appears to be in the corpse. I'd like to randomly generate eq based on the mob's level. I'm not really sure how to edit armor/weapon and other object properties though, since there's just one big object structure for everything. How would you add/remove from that?
I'm also interested in spawning random mines that will work with his crafting system. Is there something that runs every x minutes that i could set up to spawn based on zone settings?

Sorry for all the questions, but thanks for any responses, they're really appreciated. Like I said, I want to give him some help, but I don't have days that I can spend tearing smaug apart trying to clean it up and help him get it where he wants.
09 Nov, 2011, Runter wrote in the 2nd comment:
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Re rip out spells

The pragmatic way might be to leave them in the code but remove them from the tables that set them to certain classes. Then just write your own in addition. You can remove them at your leisure at a later date, but I wouldn't commit to something like that at the start unless I knew for certain I was going to follow through.