19 May, 2006, Hera wrote in the 1st comment:
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Here's a straight forward set of steps for adding a new module to your NakedMud game engine:

Makefile in Src Directory:
In the area for optional Modules, Add:
Modules += (name of module)

In the Src Directory
mkdir (name of module)

Within your newly created directory
create the following files files:

# include all of the source files contained in this module
SRC += (nom)/(nom).c

// include all the header files we will need from the mud core
#include "../file.h"

// include headers from other modules that we require
#include "../mod/mod.h"

// include headers for this module
# include "nom.h"

// boot up the module

void init_nom(void)

#ifdef NOM_H
#define NOM_H
// this function should be called when the mud first boots up.
// calling it will initialize the module for use.
void init_nom(void);
#endif // NOM_H

In mud.h (main src directory): (this line can be commented out to shut the whole module off)
with the rest of the module definitions add:
#define MODULE_NOM

In gameloop.c, call the init fucntion:
In headers for optional modules:
#include "nom/nom.h"

Farther down in gameloop.c, where modules are initialized, in the main() function:
log_string("Initializing nom system.");