28 Aug, 2011, donky wrote in the 1st comment:
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Anyone else get it? Know what to make of it?

Mike made a lot of posts with substance over the years, now he has released his source code to his graphical MMO/MUD. He actually went and implemented all the cool things he talked about, so it should be interesting to see.

But ALIENS… ?!?
28 Aug, 2011, Runter wrote in the 2nd comment:
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Is he a Turkish prince that needs to help dealing with american financial institutions?
28 Aug, 2011, donky wrote in the 3rd comment:
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I got your E-mail address from the old MudDev discussions (2004-2007) where I used to post. I am spamming you because:

1. Does anyone want the source-code for a graphical MUD?

I have suspended work on my www.CircumReality.com graphical-MUD. A 1.5-gigabyte download of the source-code is available for free from the web site. It includes source-code for text-to-speech, a multi-core 3D renderer, a 3D editor, a graphical MUD client, and an LPMUD-like server with an IDE. The MUD scripting-code is targeted less-towards combat, and more towards interactive-fiction and NPC-interaction.

2. This will be one of the stranger E-mails you will ever receive…

You most-likely wont believe me, so please read this section tongue-in-cheek. The information may still be useful to you.

Two years ago, I realized that I was being bi-annually abducted by aliens yes, real aliens. I requested to be flown off of Earth, but failed to get a ride off of Earth due to political, legal, treaty, and war-related reasons. Stuck on Earth, I stopped working on my graphical-MUD, and devoted my time to writing a disclosure document.

I am currently employed by Saurians. I also do freelance work for some Greys. As well as some mammaloids (the inspiration for Earth-based furries).

The aliens want me to pass the following information on to you (game designers):

To anyone creating 3D-models of dinosaurs for games You havent the faintest clue what dinosaurs look like. I have attached a photograph of a Saurian (SaurianNotVelociraptorPhoto.jpg) that I found on the internet on a UFO web-site. I illustrated a corrected image with feathers (SaurianNotVelociraptorWithFeathers.png). I have also attached illustrations of a few other Saurians and dinosaurs to this E-mail. Look through my 2500-page document, Africa is to 1st world countries on Earth, as Earth is to alien nations (http://www.disclosuree.com/AfricaEarthFu...), for the keywords saurian, dinosaur, velociraptor, tyrannosaur, and palaeontologist. My short stories (http://www.disclosuree.com/Stories.pdf) also include some Saurians as characters.

Race illustrations as inspiration for player-character races Most MMOs have five-ish Human-like races (Human, Elf, Dwarf, Hobbit, and Green-Human (Orc) ), and two Furry races (Lion/Tiger, Rat). You could add-variety to your player-races by including two-to-three non-clich races, such as Saurians, Greys, Goanna-evolved, Gecko-evolved, Shark-evolved, Fish-evolved, Insect-evolved, and/or various Reptiloid races. Scan through the .pdf document for sketches. (http://www.disclosuree.com/AfricaEarthFu...)

To anyone interested in world design My 2500-page document is FULL of world-design memes. Just browse through the document, Africa is to 1st world countries on Earth, as Earth is to alien nations for world-design ideas (http://www.disclosuree.com/AfricaEarthFu...). The Behind the Stories, a dummys guide to the 25th century section is like a memo-version of J.R.R. Tolkiens Silmarillion, but less-boring, about aliens, and without all of the Elven histories. Feel free to loot/incorporate/percolate the ideas.

The Behind the Stories, a dummys guide to the 25th century portion of the document includes discussions on: technologies, telepathy (provided by cranially-injected 3G mobile-phones with REM-sleep video like guild-chat), races, cultures, intelligence, architecture, ways of thinking, cooking recipes, the art of conversation, games, computers, the war, mathematics, the nature of the soul, how Earth fits into the galactic politics, and why disclosure hasnt happened here yet, etc.

Game design mechanics Many of the technologies described in the document can be incorporated into virtual-world games to produce new game mechanics. Extradimensional (more than 3-dimensional) spaceplanes, combat suits, and extradimensional medical devices can provide new game-play. Browse through my document, Africa is to 1st world countries on Earth, as Earth is to alien nations (http://www.disclosuree.com/AfricaEarthFu...). Also search for the keywords: game and computer. Please check-out two game-design forums where I recently began some alien/UFO game-design threads: http://forums.indiegamer.com/showthread.... and http://www.gamedev.net/topic/604096-alie... .

If youre interested in reading some of my lunch-break alien-science-fiction short-stories Take a look at (http://www.disclosuree.com/Stories.pdf). They are easier to get into than jumping directly into the full 2500-page document.

… 1-2 MB of his hand drawn sketches attached …
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There's a picture of the UFO that abducts him.
28 Aug, 2011, Runter wrote in the 6th comment:
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The thing cracking me up here. .. The aliens want to critique hobbyist programmers on world design theory.
28 Aug, 2011, David Haley wrote in the 7th comment:
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Well, if you were an alien who came to Earth, wouldn't you be most interested in criticizing MUDs? I mean, really… just look at the state of it all.
28 Aug, 2011, Ssolvarain wrote in the 8th comment:
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From a top down* view of the history** of MUDs and their impact*** we can assume that MUDs are pretty important****.

* Top is relatively relative in this instance.
** Every civil war ever, combined, does not match the rancor displayed between a mere two (2) mud admins. Our predatory instincts places us at the top of the gaming food chain, provided there are many chains, linked with the glue derived from boiling down beastly fidos.
*** We, through a few time-travel mishaps yet-to-happen, inspired the original Greek dramas, influenced and inspired Picasso with spaghetti-coded ROMs, the invention of the wheel was actually the result of an argument based on the reinvention of the database, etc. etc. etc.
**** This is an understatement. Imagine it at font_size=1024, bold, italic, underlined and, if supported your client, flashing with random background colors.
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A Saurian, and an Elk-evolved person, are taken hostage by Hominids to appear as supporting cast-members in a Hominid science-fiction soap-opera. (Mature content.)

Have you ever wanted to be a zookeeper on a wilderness planet? Do you enjoy giving birth to endangered species after having their embryos artificially implanted in your womb? How about discarding your zookeeper body and going bush as a rhinoceros? And did you know that the best way to save an endangered species is to shoot them?

On the way there, someone telepathically suggested that I pull off my pants and walk in the middle of the road in order to look crazy (or drunk). I had so little brain left that this sounded like a good idea, and I complied.

Sounds like someone's been at the Locke Special Brew.
28 Aug, 2011, Tyche wrote in the 10th comment:
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His posts on text to voice and avatar emotions were good.
It's a shame he's working for the Saurians now.
I hate those bastards. A Saurian bit my sister once.