08 Jun, 2011, Enigma_EQ wrote in the 1st comment:
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Hello Mudbytes,
My name is James, And I'm Looking To Learn CPP.
I would like to work anlongside an exp. coder to help me learn for one and to help bring my ideas to life.
My idea is that of a hacking style rpg mud. A d20 modern of life nowadays.

Chars would have the choice of being a hacker or gangmember, Both sides of the law, And citizens in the middle of it all.
I would like to go from strong arm holdups to hacking a database from a sattelite,
Players could drink coffe to aid their dexterity and visist a clinic of all kinds to make money or heal…
I'm trying to decide the mechanics of the game. But i do know i'm leaning towards a point system, with random dice rolls for loot..
ie; 1-10 rank, 1-10item chart. So if a mobs rank is 1 it would not carry the same loot as a mob with a rank of 3……
I haven't completly worked out my ideas on paper but i'm getting there…
I have yet to write a back story, I know that i would encourge the sharing of maps/quests between players.
I figure it's hard enough to guess the command that triggers the quest as is…
Races only human, yet at start up we can give an alotment of points in the basic skills…
ie; strength, dexterity, Constitution, Charisma,.. not sure if i want any others…

I do know lpc to a point, ie building rooms/mob/items, and am learning the use of functions.

I would like to take an idea of mine and flesh it out into a mud…
If this post strikes any interest in the mud community please send me a msg via yahoo msnger, D_ozone is my handle, and i'm always online, i'll also be reading this thread…

I haven't decided what type of mud i want to use but i like merentha…Nightmare3 or 4, but it might be easier to use lpuni as it is pretty bare…

That's All Folks,
Thank You For the Short Time You have Lost From Reading This Msg…

Enigma, The Paradox Equation..

P.S. I will be hosting the game localy as soon as needed…
08 Jun, 2011, Igabod wrote in the 2nd comment:
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Just a little helpful advice for you here. If you want someone to help you to the extent that you're asking, you'll have to ask a friend. Those with the skills you need are typically already busy with a project of their own. If you want to interest someone in helping you, you'll have to do a LOT more of the preparation work first. Do all of the necessary research, have a firm idea of the direction you want to go with the game like whether it will have levels or not, how the skills will be laid out, which classes get which skills. And an even bigger part is to at least have some of the world created. Do what you are able to do and then ask for help once you hit a wall that you can't climb. Though to be honest, the most help you're likely to find in this forum is people answering questions.
08 Jun, 2011, plamzi wrote in the 3rd comment:
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Good advice from Igabod, make sure to listen.

Also, if you're looking to learn coding, consider taking apprenticeship on an existing MUD which uses the languages you want to master (C++, LPC). Everyone has a MUD idea, but the road to making it a reality is long and hard. You're much more likely to get to your goal sooner if you first learn from a coder on their own turf.
09 Jun, 2011, Nathan wrote in the 4th comment:
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I'm a big fan of do it yourself, and I have a sprawling (~6000 lines) partially working (mostly non-functional) java "mud" codebase to show for it. It is three quarters an attempt at learning and one quarter a desire to have a mud/mu* merge. That said, it suffers a great deal from a write it on the spot style of coding. The bits that work best are the ones that resulted from at least some pre-planning. That and my level of self-motivation varies greatly.

So, what I'm getting at is that I suggest that if you plan to or end up doing this on your own that you do tons of planning beforehand. Once you have the complete details of what you want and a basic idea of how to do it, you have the hardest work done already. After that you just have to learn coding, and figure out: 1) whether what you want is possible, 2) if so, what changes to the design are necessary to make it work in that programming language (probably not an issue in this day and age since plenty of languages have a lot of commonality in function if not in syntax), 3) how to actually do it.

More or less as @Igabod puts it, but I'm for just plunging in and setting off to work yourself. Having friends and experienced people to help is a significant and desirable advantage, but has it's own downsides. It seems likely that people agree that those downsides are MUCH less than the downsides of doing it all yourself which include, among other things, lots of time spent and the ability to lose interest and drop the project (less likely with other people working on it since you could take a break from it). If that seems odd, one need only note how many people are found in the credits of a given mud and the number actually working on it at a given time.

As a side note, if you mean hacking as in computer hacking, then those stats should reflect either their virtual persona or some aspect of how much hacking they can do. Oh, and go write that backstory!
10 Jun, 2011, Enigma_EQ wrote in the 5th comment:
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Well here's a little update on what ive done, I have a backstory for the game in roughdraft phase, Same with the 2 cities, Fleshed out how i want the hacking to do and built a class and skill outline. I'll be in the process of adding skills to the list of stuff… If there's anything i'm overlooking or just plain ignorant to feel free to let me know..