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I'm going to preface this by saying that I always, ALWAYS feel like a total shill when advertising for builders, especially when I cross-post these things (as I have in this case).

Here's the tl;dr: I'm very near opening to testers and am having a building contest to spur that on, and am looking for RP enthusiasts who want to create something new and fun. Ew, doesn't everyone say that? Well, I mean it. Really.

Here's the full version:

For those of you playing along at home on the various MUD forums, you likely know that I've decided to resurrect what I've called my 'tinker toy' from the shelf after a four year absence from the MUD world. What you probably don't know is that after careful inspection, I've realized that the code is stable enough and has gone as far as it likely could without the use of player testers (and an occasional bit of outside help from people better with programming than I, but that's beside the point), and a sufficient enough world in which said people can test. I also have come across more free time than any normal adult should have, and a need to stay busy.

In years past, I developed a fairly strong concept for an original world and RP environment from which to build. Over the past month or so, I've put a significant amount of time into creating a world to fill in the massive blank spaces where a game world should be, and a few friends have provided their own aid. With my own continued efforts of 6+ hours a day of actual building, plus brainstorming time, I've set an entirely feasible date for opening Anaea up to early playtesting on June 1 - a hard deadline which I will keep to, no matter what exists or does not exist at that point. Listings will be posted, players will be welcomed. But, as with all MUDs in development, this becomes a lonely process, and the risk of groupthink is strong. This is where you, the fresh blood, comes in.

Ladies and gentlemen of the MUD world, I present to you the 28-day Anaea Challenge: May 3 through June 1.

The concept is simple: a 4-week contest (originally meant to be a month, but I got so busy building that I didn't write this post) to identify and reward the most productive builders on the game - the people who are truly committed to the idea of Anaea. For them, I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is.

There is a point system posted to my news board for staff to read, outlining the point value for each contribution - 2 points for a room desc that is used often for the wilderness, 3 points for a 'normal' room, 2 points for a mob or obj, etc., with bigger point bonuses for things like amazing room descs, completed shops, completed mini-areas, or new entries in the Encyclopedia Anaea.

At the end of the month, I will send $5 in donations to either Matt at Frostmud or to Alabama Tornado Relief Charities for each person who's earned more than 400 points, at each person's discretion, along with another $5 for every 400 points total accumulated to Alabama Tornado Relief Charities. I will also reward the most committed builder (or two) with a t-shirt or some other nifty item from ThinkGeek or similar retail outlet of their choice. Seeing as how I'm over 300 points already (and for other obvious reasons), I'm not including myself in the contest.

So, who am I looking for? Good people. People who not only are committed to a full and original world, but also care about roleplay, deep history, and leaving opportunity for more to develop and grow. People who are looking for a new home, but haven't found one, and are thinking of starting up their own game, but who don't have the wherewithal, time, or resources to do it. Experience in game development helps, but is in no way necessary.

Give me 28 days. See what we can do. If this sounds interesting to you, please check out my super-ugly webpage with basic building i..., or send me an email, or an IM (at the same user name), or carrier pigeon. I am not hard to find, I promise!

By the way, even if you don't have any interest at all in the contest, or the game, I strongly ask that you consider giving blood, supplies, or cash to charities down here. Alabama is in terrible shape right now, and our hospitals are overflowing with people who need a variety of major and minor surgeries. The sights and stories here are far worse than any of you could ever imagine. Our blood banks are running empty, as are our food banks and our animal shelters. This disaster never got the initial coverage of other major disasters, and has been overshadowed by recent events such as the royal wedding and the death of OBL. Please don't forget us, guys.