13 Mar, 2011, Zenchi wrote in the 1st comment:
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Long time friends and admins from a mud or two I know are working on starting their own. Builders and one is working on learning C at this time. Though of course having a few seasoned coders would be great if not more preferable in the end. It's a mixed anime mud, mainly bleach,dbz(over done some I believe but might change.) and many more. They , along with some help from myself already have quit a bit worked out. Races,classes, and how things would work.

They are at the moment thinking of using a old dragonball saga codebase (honestly I'm tired of saga and would want to try for a fresh base totally or from scratch considering all the other play types from the animes wanting to be used.), wouldn't be bad for bleach and dbz part. But of course the other animes that have been wrote in would have a bit of a problem fitting into that play style. There are about seven other animes they are wanting to put into it. (rurouni kenshin,outlaw star,full metal alchemist,FF7,naruto possible of the ones being thought on and some have already been worked out. If any coders think it's possible. :p ) Though that's where brilliant coders come into play. I got recruited for knowing more of the other animes, and having a better idea of the play styles to them. (dbz muds -.- all things play the same just different descriptions.) Though considering that it would only count for a small part it shouldn't be that way here.

Anyways, this is a brand new project. Things already have been and will still be worked on, but with out honest coders implementing such things, it's going to be impossible. The idea as with all muds, is building a place that everyone can be proud of to have their name attached too and mortals will be drawn in and always kept interested and happy. Even if this isn't your cup of tea leave your thoughts and so on. I'd love to hear what others have to say. (I do know that this has been done before, or is currently been done. Though things are already thought out to work different from others. Going for originality all the way.)