24 Feb, 2011, Littlehorn wrote in the 1st comment:
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I have an interesting position available for anyone who wants to get involved with MUD development, but may not have the skills of a builder or programmer. I'm seeking someone to help build our game community and help promote our upcoming sequel. I need someone who can actively drive reviews for the new game, build the forum community, keep the web site updated with content time-to-time and the works.

I know it may sound strange, it's not every day you see recruitment for community or public relations in regards to MUD recruitment. But, communities are very much a big part of MUD development. We would love to have someone come on board and help drive our community. It would be great to have someone there that had a specific role in ensuring the good word is out there and someone was actively involved in keeping the web content updated. I mean, the sky is the limits and we welcome anyone who want's to give it a try.

So, about the game itself…

Our MUD, Devil's Silence, has been up since 1996. It's one of the first generation of ROT PK MUD's that is still actively alive. Our player base is very unique, loyal and eager for new blood. However, over the years we have lost a good portion of our player base to other genres of gaming. Although not uncommon, we are still here trying to push forward. Our latest efforts is to switch the game direction into what we feel can pull and retain a robust player base in the future. Thus, we are releasing a sequel to our game that will bring in the next chapter to our game.

Find out more information about our game on our official site (www.devilsilence.org). Contact me direction via PM for more information regarding this position.