15 Feb, 2011, Vfx23 wrote in the 1st comment:
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Hey everyone. Chronicles of The Blade has been reopened for
a couple of weeks now, and we already have a few players.
We are adding in new things frequently which benefits
players. Recently added in:

-Enhanced QP (gives a bit more qp when you do quests)
-Double Damage
-Double Exp

They get turned on quite frequently at the moment. Clan system is in, and upgraded, as well as house system. A tier system is being worked on too. There are several in-game quests, and when the pbase gets a bit bigger, Immortal held events.

The whole skill and spell system is being recoded as well, and more will be added too.

Thanks to the coder who works on CoTB, the code is 100% clean now, and the MUD is totally stable, so no worries about crashes.

Chronicles of the Blade is a medieval/fantasy themed mud.
We like to see players RP, but it isn't enforced. There are
rewards for RPing though. We have over 60 large areas, none
of them stock.

Chronicles of the Blade is fully operationable and opened to
players, so no fear of any pwipes and such. The staff, and
players are always willing to help new players if they need
it. The areas are newbie friendly as well.

If you would like to stop by and check it out, we would be
more than happy. Here is the info needed to connect:

Host: frostmud.com
Port: 8310
26 Mar, 2011, Kanzel wrote in the 2nd comment:
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I can remember playing this game ages ago. It was always nice for a little hack n' slash with a decently high level cap, and the old community was a blast. Is the same staff kicking around, or any of the old, old, old players?