29 Jan, 2011, plamzi wrote in the 1st comment:
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Are you a builder whose zones are no longer playable on any server? Are you sad to see them gather virtual dust on your hard drive?

Bedlam (bedlam.gotdns.com:9000) has an 8000+ custom fantasy world that we are now looking to expand with any quality zones that loosely fit a fantasy/mythology theme. CircleMUD zones would be quickest to adapt, but any zones in the DikuMUD family are welcome. The only requirement is for them to be original.

Your zone will not only find a new home and live into posterity, it will also be experienced in new ways. Enhanced by our custom GUIs for the iPhone and Web/Facebook, as well as our unique real-time automap, it will be enjoyed by mobile users and young people who are completely new to mudding.

To add your own flavor, you'd also be able to create special automated quests for your zone quickly using our web-based quest builder.

For inquiries and submissions, email bedlam@eyecandid.com or contact the admin of the Bedlam Forums.

The Bedlam iPhone App (Quest Menu)

The Bedlam Web/Facebook App