28 Jan, 2011, Vfx23 wrote in the 1st comment:
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Hey everyone, maybe you read my message below. I still need
an experienced coder to help me out. If you read my message
below, CoTB is a Rom codebase which has been modified.

I need help both debugging the code more, and coding in new
things. Trying to make the mud even better, and its just easier
not having to do all the coding myself.

We have some players back, both old ones and new ones. I just really need
some help coding wise. If your interested, either reply here
or stop by on my mud. If you go on the mud, talk to Zaphyre.
If Im not on just leave a note with a way I can contact you,
and Ill get back to you asap.

Thanks ahead of time and I hope to hear from you!