18 Jan, 2011, Grube wrote in the 1st comment:
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[ horizonmud.net:8200 | http://horizonmud.net/galactic ]

Star Wars: Galactic Horizon has been in remission to add in a few new features. After a few months of down time we are re-opening, even to players!

We have many planets to explore, and have just recently upgraded the ships to be more realistic in combat. New features added are; Player owned shops, new quest system that builders can implement easily, Rdesc command to change house name, higher percent chance to be forcer (due to ~5ABY timeframe) and MANY builder changes and upgrades to make builders' lives easier and more fulfilling.

If you would like to join us to help us ferret out anything that needs fixing, please, log in, and register on the forums. If you would like to be a coder or builder and help fix the issues at hand, and continue developing our Galaxy, then please, do the same. I hope you visit the forums and post intents and welcomes, and I hope I see you on the Galactic Horizon!

Owner, Star Wars: Galactic Horizon
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25 Jan, 2011, Grube wrote in the 3rd comment:
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We now have some highly skilled builders, and welcoming more. However, we still need a good coder who is looking for an active MUD that isn't going anywhere. Our code is C/C++ and has been modified a bit, but we need a steady, active coder who doesn't want to tackle a solo project and likes working as a team with the building staff and, of course, Owner :)
25 Jan, 2011, plamzi wrote in the 4th comment:
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Grube said:
However, we still need a good coder who is looking for an active MUD that isn't going anywhere.

I think Grube means "a MUD that's here to stay." I'm sure it will go far! :lol:
08 Feb, 2011, Grube wrote in the 5th comment:
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Indeed, that's exactly what I meant, thanks for clarifying, Plamzi!

An Update:
Galactic Horizon now has a team of steady coders helping us improve the gaming standard of our realm. Now what we are looking for are some Star Wars enthusiast who want to help us build the galaxy! We are willing to help train builders and have a couple of sandbox areas to allow Apprentice Builders to learn at their own pace.

We have a lot of new features for builders to bring about their visions, including a custom quest ifcheck system for writing quests as detailed as the builder wants, New ifchecks for force/professions and many others, plus more to come. Our builders range from experts to novice and all are eager to help and expand our Horizon.

If you are interested, pay us a visit in game, on our forum or feel free to email me!

MUD: horizonmud.net:8200
WEB: horizonmud.net
EMAIL: conyers0184@gmail.com
11 Feb, 2011, Dutch wrote in the 6th comment:
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We really need more beta testers, and builders!
If you don't feel like stopping by the mud, please feel free to visit our forum @:


Look over some of the proposed ideas, and contribute your opinion!
We need more ideas for feats, perks, and new skills!

Email: Kickaxis@hotmail.com
Galactic Horizon: horizonmud.net:8200