11 Jan, 2011, Igabod wrote in the 1st comment:
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I was just talking with a fellow mudder on a SWR mud about an area he did for one mud that included a swoop bike race course. Well that got me going on a tangent about an idea for a mud that centered on swoop and pod racing from star wars.

So here's what I am thinking of. The goal of the mud is to buy/build/and upgrade your swoop bike or pod racer. You then race your swoop/pod against other players and maybe even npc's though I haven't thought that through much. The racers would be completely part based, as in you have to buy or otherwise aquire each part for your racer and then put it together yourself. To aquire the parts you would have to complete quests for the best parts and for the basic parts you just use money you win through racing at the shops. The mud would be a level-less skill-less system focusing entirely on the machine rather than on the player. Better parts means a better racer. Better racers means harder races can be won and harder quests can be completed. This is just the basic idea, others I'll be keeping to myself until I can get a team of helpers for this.

Here's what I need. I'm a semi-skilled coder, meaning I know how to do most things. But I'm not skilled enough to be a primary coder. So I need a primary coder who will be co-owner. I will probably need one or two builders once the initial coding gets done but I don't know what the base code will be or if we'll use a custom base. That will be decided when I have a co-owner.

I'm looking for someone who has a couple hours a week or so to dedicate to coding and brainstorming. I don't require an 8 hour a week commitment or anything but I do want someone who will be at least a little active. I don't ask for a lot, this is just a hobby not a job.

If you are interested in this idea and want more info or want to offer to help please send me a pm or respond on this thread.
11 Jan, 2011, David Haley wrote in the 2nd comment:
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What is the game interface going to look like here? If the whole game is the race, what is it going to look like to race?
13 Jan, 2011, Igabod wrote in the 3rd comment:
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well that's one of the details that would have to be worked out with the co-coder, but I have several different ideas to look at. One being that the race track would be similar to the space code in swr muds. Another being that the races would be automated but that's the least preferred method in my opinion.

I'm not exactly sure what would work and what wouldn't though so I would need to sit down and have a conversation with somebody who knows what they're doing and can give me ideas of their own.

To be clear though, the entire game wouldn't be the race track. The focus would be on the racing, but there would be a world to run around in, do quests to gain parts and money etc. I'm not decided yet on whether there will be more than one planet to race on or maybe it all takes place on Coruscant. These are details that would be worked out with the co-coder. I have my preferences but I'm willing to work with my partner and won't box them into an idea that they don't think will work.
13 Jan, 2011, oenone wrote in the 4th comment:
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An Idea for the race could be using some kind of combat system…
13 Jan, 2011, Igabod wrote in the 5th comment:
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well if it is possible to make a race track that you actually have to pilot your racer through then I intend on having obstacles that would damage the vehicle as well as maybe some Sand People shooting at you on a tatooine track.

This isn't what you're suggesting if I'm understanding you correctly, but I definitely don't want to do a combat system type of race. I am understanding your "combat system" to mean the line by line description as in diku-style fighting. This is far from what I want.
13 Jan, 2011, David Haley wrote in the 6th comment:
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My concern here is that what you want is more suited toward a graphical interface, even if those graphics are rendered using ASCII – in other words, a traditional, linear text output one line at a time just won't really work for you. So even if you don't know what exactly things will look like, have you given thought to how people will connect to this game?
13 Jan, 2011, Runter wrote in the 7th comment:
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>race david
You Zoom Past David Haley with your massive acceleration.
David Haley is dead!!!
14 Jan, 2011, Ssolvarain wrote in the 8th comment:
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14 Jan, 2011, Igabod wrote in the 9th comment:
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David Haley said:
My concern here is that what you want is more suited toward a graphical interface, even if those graphics are rendered using ASCII – in other words, a traditional, linear text output one line at a time just won't really work for you. So even if you don't know what exactly things will look like, have you given thought to how people will connect to this game?

I had intended on people being able to connect in the same way as a normal mud. Though you do bring up a valid point that the graphical interface would be more suited, but the same could be said for all muds. A graphical interface would be better but it would cease to be a mud.

I think vt100 would be a good way to go to get the graphics, but since that's not supported by many clients it's probably not a good idea. I'm open to using a more simplistic interface for the race though. It could be something as simple as the automapper function on many diku derived muds. Something that reprints every time something changes. That would be very spammy but it could work.

This is why in my original post I specify that I'm looking for someone who is willing and able to brainstorm with me. I'm well aware that this is going to be a difficult undertaking, but I think it can be done. And it will be well worth all the hassle when it finally gets off the ground.
14 Jan, 2011, jurdendurden wrote in the 10th comment:
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You could make a miniwindow in mushclient to handle small pictures of cars going through a track which is made up of information from a flat file or something (tracks.txt?). The text window could just be used for things like purchasing vehicle upgrades, refueling, chatting, etc…
14 Jan, 2011, Runter wrote in the 11th comment:
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Yeah, such a thing would actually be easy to do with mushclient, but we still have the "but it's not a mud!!!" argument.
14 Jan, 2011, Runter wrote in the 12th comment:
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Although this is an abandoned project, here's something I did with mushclient and miniwindows.

The sprites were fully animated and the map allowed left (default) and right clicking to interact with tiles.
15 Jan, 2011, Igabod wrote in the 13th comment:
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That's actually not a bad idea jurdendurden. I hadn't thought of mushclient, but it could be a good answer. Though that would mean everybody would have to use mushclient or they wouldn't get the full effect of the mud. But I think that would be worth it considering how neat I think the mud will be.

And to counter the "it's not a mud" argument, yes it is still a mud. you still connect to it through a mud client, you still have a text interface and have to enter text commands as well as many other features that make it a mud. The idea I put that argument forward for was for a purely visual interface which I would assume would go on a website and be accessed through a browser, thus making it not a mud.

Now I just have to ask if any of you are interested in working on a project like this with me. I'm willing to foot the bill including registration of domain and vps fees. I'm also willing to be an active contributor in all of the various areas of development. This isn't something I'm going to just start up and then walk away from. I see some true potential in this idea and just need a partner to work with.
15 Jan, 2011, Tyche wrote in the 14th comment:
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No no… it's an RPI - Racing Play Intensive
16 Jan, 2011, sankoachaea wrote in the 15th comment:
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I have a couple questions, are you considering any specific languages? scripting languages? You said you know how to do most things, most things in most languages, or most things in a certain language you're most comfortable with?

Do you already have plans for hosting or any (platform) specific technologies? Concerning those two issues, are you open to discussion from a software engineers perspective?

I'm interested in this project.
16 Jan, 2011, Igabod wrote in the 16th comment:
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most things in C, sorry. I don't know any scripting languages really. Though I am familiar with how ruby works and am able to do basic programs in it, I'm not confident in my skills with ruby though. I'm not sure what you mean by platform specific technologies, but I am certainly open to having a discussion about it and am flexible enough that I probably won't say no to that when I find out what you mean. But as for hosting, I will be getting a VPS from linode as my default choice but that will be open to discussion with my partner before any actions are taken.

As for the discussion from a software engineers perspective, yes I'm open to discussion. This isn't going to be a dictatorship where I bark out orders and don't listen to input from my partners. I intend on this being a collaborative effort. I admit that I am lacking in knowledge in certain areas and I am fully willing to let those who have experience take the lead on those issues. But regardless of who leads which effort, it will be a team effort.
26 Jan, 2011, Igabod wrote in the 17th comment:
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I guess Sankoachaea wasn't really that interested. I haven't heard anything else from him. I'm still looking for a partner to join the team.