12 Dec, 2010, Khaz wrote in the 1st comment:
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Eternal Visions (EV) is a role-play oriented MUD with a bunch of playable races, from Humans to Orcs, Elves and Pixies, and a variety of classes, such as Clerics, Assassins, Paladins and Sorcerers. The world is huge and mostly original, and new things are being added on a daily basis. The Immortal staff members are friendly and helpful, as are the players. If you're looking for an original, fun MUD with a great balance between mindless slaying and casual or storyline RP, EV is a great place to check out. So come play a savage Orc barbarian, a wise Elven mage, a sinister Drow assassin or whatever else you can come up with, and make a name for yourself in the lands of Anea!
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12 Dec, 2010, SeloraEV wrote in the 2nd comment:
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Also as one of the immortals on the staff of Eternal Visions we invite you to check out our website and forums.


We are currently looking for players as well as builders and immortal staffing. If you would like to partake in any of those ways, let us know when you login or email us at immortals@eternalvisions.net

13 Jan, 2011, jujubeanpi wrote in the 3rd comment:
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This is my one and only MUD, as I have no use for any other. First off to mention, the place is HUGE. There are over 25,000 rooms and its still growing. Player contributions are appreciated as the sheer size keeps more and more information needed. Something Ive found so helpful its necessary, is the color ANSI map, so even though the game is text based, it keeps your directions straight. The game play is very interesting, as there is always somewhere new to explore, new races to encounter, and TONS of hidden areas to find.

It has an alternate reality/old world feel to it, though I dont know how much of that is intentional. Leveling and learning are set up to reasonable difficulties to keep advancement interesting and obtainable. There is a good assortment of races and classes to choose from and the backstory is well interwoven into just about everything, and yet they made it in a way that you can still get along without knowledge of the backstory (it will find you eventually). RP is heavily encouraged and its entirely necessary to advance. RP is developed into the big picture story.

The command list is extensive, so you are able to do just about whatever you want. In fact, most things about this game are extensive. Weapons listings, available rooms, social commands, animals, NPC characters, etc.

The Immortals (staff) are online a lot and always willing to help the newbie out. The current player base is not large, but everyone is happy to help out with any questions. The game has been very fun for me to play and wed love to see more folks online with us. A lot of hard work has gone into making this a great place to be, and as a player, you can tell.