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Right off the bat I'm going to say this is an unusual promotion: I'm not going to tell you right now that I've reinvented the wheel nor am I going to say that it will blow your socks off (MythBusters proved you cant do that anyways) Rather, I am asking for your time, your ideas, and your patronage, in a manner of speaking.

I have been working on Elvenblade since … roughly summer 2008ish. It began life as a CircleMUD, then died because CircleMUD was clunky, old, and did a lot of things I didn't want it to. Since then I've resurrected it as NakedMud, which I liked for the fact that it didn't have much vacuous matter and I could easily wrench into doing what I wanted it to do.

With that, I've created a corner of the MUD world for myself which I hope I can interest you in, called Elvenblade, or perhaps more accurately, called Vernian, since that's the actual world in itself. Elvenblade focusses on a conflict between magic and technology - where, arguably, the past is at odds with the future. In the creation of the world the First Immortal's gift of magic from the gods was something that the First Immortal gave unto mortal hands, and her ruin was smote upon the land by the Creator for this; a spark to the fire of conflict between a medieval world of swords, chivalry, and sorcery, and a more modern, Victorianesque steampunk world of gunpowder and electricity. The cataclysm created with the destruction of the First Immortal forever changed and scarred a land previously of humans, elves, and the like into a dark place choked with the dark magical ash that are the remains of the First Immortal; one who it should be noted is never named, for their crime, lest that wrath be brought upon yourself! But Vernian's people are hardy folk, and from the ruins of

I have a lot of work done on it, but I have a long way to go; and I'm not going to be able to do that alone. The past two years have been tulmutuous in that regard: while I and Chahiero, the other administrator whom I more or less started the MUD with, have gotten a lot done, we're just two people, and we need competent people to help us bring our vision - and hopefully ours as well - to life.

If you've read this far, that probably means you're at least interested in the MUD, or so I would hope. Some further bullet-points for my grand design of Elvenblade:

  • Elvenblade does not derive from an existing RPG system for its statistics and gameplay. Rather…

  • Combat is in real time, and is not turn based; rather it is divided by the time you take to attack, which can be shortened at the cost of tiring yourself out much quicker.

  • The system is classless - you do not pick a character class but rather you from the various skillsets available; some require you to meet certain criteria or do quests to gain them, though!

  • Currently there are six playable races - each with separate racial traits, and each will have their own unique racial skillset. They also each have full backstories and cultures.

  • Cities and guilds will be both NPC and player run affairs; The two starting cities (one for each side) are NPC controlled, however there will be a system for player organisations to capture, control, and develop land in the wastelands outside of the cities proper.

  • Guilds are more associations of individuals, however they have their own advantages: along with camaraderie and a place to call home in the guildhall, guilds can hire mercenaries, hire tutors, have arms and armour commissioned for them, and so on.

  • Of course I feel obligated too qualify that by saying a lot is still in development, it's not really in a playable state now. Or rather, you can play, and talk, and possibly smack things, but there's not a whole lot to do yet.

    What I'm looking for are three things: coders whom I can trust to work with on NakedMud programming (knowing Python is a must; knowing NakedMud is an asset), builders whom can work to various designs and plans as well as come up with their own (NakedMud's OLC is really easy to use, I don't mind teaching people. Proper grammar and spelling is essential to a builder, as well as some creativity) and most importantly: players and interested people to playtest, submit ideas, and help build Vernian in that way. I can't possibly catch every bug and at the moment I can say with certainty they're probably there (indeed regular posters may recall me working on a big one related to TELOPTs :) ). I have a few people who beta playtest, but more would be brilliant.

    Hopefully I've covered the basics here, if you have any further questions do ask, dear reader, and I'll see that I answer them as expediently as I can.

    The beta production MUD is at elvenblade.ca:23
    The official website is at http://www.elvenblade.ca/
    The official forums are at http://forums.elvenblade.ca/ .. and if you're at all interested in the MUD, I encourage you to sign up!