07 Sep, 2010, Duo wrote in the 1st comment:
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Ok Calling All Coders and Builders in the Mudbytes Community.

My Name is Duo, i am one of the Creators of Dragonball Resurrection of Truth Codebase.
However i have stepped out of the dbz Mudding community and am planning to challenge myself and other people to this mud design..

This mud is based on…. Planet Zi.
I haven't come across any Zoid muds yet in my long term in the mudding world, however i believe it will be worthwhile,
i know you have prob have seen a million posts like mine stating i'm great i'm awesome so join my mud or some other rubbish like that. i am not awesome if i was i wouldn't be asking for help from the community.

Codebase will be either CWG Rasputin or TBA 3.61 depending on which is best for the game play style.

I have a mud host already paid up, i am just waiting for login info to upload the codebase and to get started.

if you want to know more about this mud and you've never heard of Planet Zi.. i advise you to watcha few episodes of any zoids series and your get the picture right away.. i'm staying as true to the series as i possibly can, however 1 slight difference is i will be spanning all series, fuzors is planned later on, not now..

Small Mud Info:
Map will be an overworld style map based on the planet Zi map i have or can be found online easy enough.
players will have 5 classes to choose from, 6th will be added as a hardcore class.<– you play as a zoid.

if your interested or want to know more give me a shout either below and i'll get back to you.
08 Sep, 2010, Duo wrote in the 2nd comment:
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On the distant planet of, Planet Zi is where your help is needed..
I have looked around and there isn't a Zoids mud around, so this will be the first.

Codebase:- tbaMUD 3.61 - Wiped.

I've started coding bits and pieces into this mud however a lot remains to be done.

Now for a little bit about Planet Zi..
As I said earlier *See Above* Planet Zi is located on the other side of our galaxy,
and on this planet are mighty living machines for zoids..
** If you don't know what a zoid is, I recommend you go watch an episode or few on any series. **

At the moment I have a few spots open which I would like to fill..

**Assistant Coder
**Part Time Coder
**Head Builder

Assistant Coder:- *Must have Experience and will be Background Checked*
This Position is only open to the selected few, for obvious reasons..
To Apply for this position you need to be well versed in tbaMUD coding,
and able to add new skills/classes/races and other various odd jobs or fixes that may or may not appear.

Part Time Coder:- *Must have Experience and will be Background Checked*
This Position is only open to the selected few, for obvious reasons, however this doesn't mean this coder is limited to only this mud.
This Position is idle for these who have commitments in other muds, but are willing to assist the mud in coding certain sections.
To Apply for this position you need to be extremely well versed in tbaMUD coding..

Head Builder:- *Must have Experience and will be Background Checked*
Yup, Every mud needs one of these, but who knows it may well be you..
This position is open to those who wish to take on a challenge on leading a build team or building on their own,
Requirements for this position:
Must be a team player.
Must be Well versed in Oasis OLC for building purposes
MUST have good English and grammar, *I don't want typo's every where or poor room description detail*
Will oversee builders, responsible for helping them work on their zones, training them, etc.

Builder:-*Experience is not necessary, but preferred*
Applicants must be creative, mature, have superb spelling/grammar.
must be able to work well under pressure, and as a team.

Any Applicants Please Either Leave a post below or Contact me on zoid-building.yourmud.net:1701 or on msn at duo@cyber-wizard.com