31 Aug, 2010, Grube wrote in the 1st comment:
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Star Wars: A New Horizon is a SWFOTEFUSS with a clean code
and clean areas. We have a dedicated team of like-minded
coders and builders that are devoted to the MUD and its

We are looking for more coders and builders alike. We have a
large list of things to be coded, and it gets larger every
day! This means that coders won't get bored, or wait around
for a task! We welcome open ideas, as long as they are
within the Star Wars realm, and cater to our timeline.

We are based around the great Galactic War, from 3,681 BBY
to 3,653 BBY. We have already coded in a great deal of
improvements, including a code cleanup and organization, and
we have a website dedicated to tracking and detailing build
and code jobs alike.

Currently we are limited on what we can build, since the
coders are putting in things daily that affect how we would
build, which is a very very good thing! Luckily our coders
are all for adding on OLC elements for Builders. However, we
have established our building methods and standards, as well
as began building some beginning areas, including a new and
revamped "Newbie Academy".

If you think you would be interested in building or coding
in a friendly, open Star Wars MUD based in the Old Republic
era (An open and creative era) please contact me via one of
the below listed methods.


AIM: conyers0184@gmail.com
Skype: jedimastergrubbs
Email: conyers0184@gmail.com
MUD: horizonmud.net:8201 (Builder Port)