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Star Wars: Galactic Horizon has finally taken a step forward:
We are starting with a clean FUSS code, stripping all stock areas and starting fresh! We have a new timeline, also!

The MUD will be set around 4000 BBY, the time of the first Sith War bettween the Republic and Exar Kun's Sith Empire.

That said, we have a dedicated staff of Coders that are continually cleaning the code, porting over the messy stuff we liked from our old codebase and adding in new features and fixed daily!

The only thing we lack currently are builders. We have a Head Builder (Aramis) and myself (Grube, the Owner) building currently.

We are focusing on slow, patient building, adding in extreme content into the game, as opposed to adding 5000 useless rooms to NOT walk around in.

We give new coders reign in a test area of 50 rooms to get their bearing and test out our features. This is also a goot way for us to give new builders ideas about how much content we expect areas to have.

Areas are solely assigned by Aramis or myself, so we keep positive control of all vnums. We are also willing to help teach things like Advanced Mobprogs and making intuitive areas!

Our website has taken off, now, and our Workboard is filling with projects! Visit the forums to apply to build with us and get a feel of the Staff!

Our staff are encouraged to download Skype, as we like to chat about our operations, and if you register on the website, please use the name you will be building with!

Website: http://horizonmud.net


Grube, Owner
{A New Horizon}