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Some simple rules and guidelines to consider when uploading code:

All code which is uploaded must be in compliance with any relevant licensing that governs it. You must either be the copyright holder on the code package, an authorized agent acting on their behalf, or have received permission from them in order to submit code for inclusion here. We will not take license violations lightly. All reports of violations will be investigated and any packages found to be non-compliant will be deleted from the repository. Users who repeatedly violate these submission rules will find their uploading privileges suspended or revoked.

All violations reported must be backed up by some form of evidence or legal documentation. Posting "He stole my code!" is not sufficient proof of anything and such reports are likely to be ignored.

By submitting code for inclusion at this site, you are granting us a non-exclusive right to distribute your code. Requests to remove code from the site will only be honored by the original submitter or by the copyright holder. We also reserve the right to remove code from the site at our discretion.