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At this point In Aragond's development We've got more features than we do areas to show them off in. I've put a lot of time and effort into the OLC system here at A:tC and if you've any experience previously with OLC you'll notice the difference right off the bat. There are multitudes of new acts, races, and general ease-of-use features added to the OLC here to make your building experience not only more imaginative but also a lot easier and less tedious. I've also created QEdit, a quest mapping utility used in each area much the same way as the object or mobile editors. If you've got a creative itch and a bit of grammar/spelling/punctuation, then I'd like to meet up with you in game and discuss an opportunity to help mold the game world for a FAR from stock, fairly advanced, Rom based mud.

Note to current/future playtesters:

We've had some significant progress in our helpfiles lately due to our wonderful new helpfile immortal, Flux, so come by and check us out again/for the first time, and see what has many people already hooked!

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We're deep into Alpha now folks and need more testers and builders so we can get into the meat of the testing with the Faction systems. We've recently fleshed out the crafting system, and incorporated recipes/plans, which builders can create and specify the requirements/ingredients to use. Other recent additions include MXP capability, an automap feature, the ability to gain experience from many abilities such as cooking, foraging, mining, woodcutting, etc…, factions, custom entrances for players AND mobiles to liven things up a bit, and much much more.

We're currently hiring for 3 builder positions and one webmaster position. Applications/mud resumes are taken in game or via email to drew.haley@gmail.com.

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