12 Aug, 2010, GhostInAProgram wrote in the 1st comment:
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*Connect to Maliss now –> 6666 []*
Hey, you can call me Ghost.

I am looking for builders and maybe a person to help manage Maliss while I'm logged.

Currently I'm working with a stock LPMud. This of course will be gutted out and polished with the look and feel of Maliss (a big thanks to the creator of DS2).

Maliss is a horror/apocalyptic theme. So when I 'hire' on builders I want them to fully understand that. Right now the game hasn't been fully 'gutted' so you won't be able to see that, but that's why I hired you; so we can communicate together, come up with future projects, and get sh*t done.

The current project everyone and I are working on is the 'Ghost Town'. This will be a lowbie zone, but will really get the message out there that this is what horror looks and feels like.

While I get to know you (staff) I want you to gain some knowledge of the MUD itself. Explore the world and jot down some ideas for new possible areas. You won't be able to start building right away, that would be insane and stupid of me. I'll need to first find out who YOU are and get a feel for what you are best at.

If I'm not on Maliss or not responding then please send me mail 'in game' or email me at 'ghostinaprogram@yahoo.com'.

You can also contact me with either of those if you want some more information on the future of Maliss (though I'm trying to focus on the present) or if you want to know a little more on the Ghost Town project.

Thanks for reading,