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ConQUEST has been open for three weeks now. Don't let that fool you, though. We have been in development for over 5 years and offer very rich and detailed gameplay. The newest addition to our game is a competitive guild system.

Members work together to amass prestige and trophies for their guild hall. This is done by accomplishing heroic feats. Guilds can then hire monsters found throughout the world to act as guards for their trophy hall. Members from other guilds can invade and steal prestige from your guild – that is, if they can bypass the defenses you have set up! At the end of every week, rewards are given to the guild who has accumulated the most treasure.

Competition is typically indirect, sneaking in to guild houses while members are out, assassinating their guards, and stealing their treasure. If you prefer bloodier, direct conflict, then declare war on an opposing guild. Player-killing will become enabled. You will now gain prestige for killing opposing guild members, and get extra loot when raiding guildhalls. However, be careful who you declare war on! While you are at war with a guild, you will not be able to wear any items crafted by their members.

Crafting is an integral part of ConQUEST. All items outside of the newbie zone are player-crafted. We have a deep, rich crafting system with six areas of specialization: alchemy, blacksmithing, carpentry, gemcraft, leatherworking, and metalsmithing. High-end items can take days or even weeks to craft. They also require collaboration from multiple master crafters from different disciplines.

To top this all off we have an amazing, fast-paced combat system. Spend energy to perform deadly combo attacks. Anticipate when your opponents will attack to dodge and parry their blows. Choose from over 300 unique skills and spells in our class-less, level-less advancement system. Retrain at any time for free if you wish to try different fighting styles or schools of magic.

We hope you drop by and try us out!