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The Cortex - An unending stream of information, flowing through the 'Verse. Data, images, pictures, money, lives. All affected by the ebb and flow of the Waves floating across the Black.

It has been five years since the events of 'Serenity'. Life goes on for the citizens of the 'Verse, much as before. Ships fly, their owners keeping themselves free and in the skies. Ranchers farm, and Soldiers patrol the spacelines. Life in the Core is serene and peaceful. Life on the Rim is hard, but the rewards are still there.

As for that broadcast? Well, Alliance says it was just a hoax, a bad piece of propaganda from some Browncoat sympathizers, holdouts from the War. Sure, 'twas an amusing piece of tall tale, but them Reavers ain't human. No way, no how. Certainly, not even the Alliance could be that evil.

There's some rumblin' from the Core that one or two of the original planets, possibly even Ariel, might be right upset about things. But normal folks t'won't see that sort of thing. All sorts of inner debates, and secret meetings. And rumours of the Alliance pulling their ships and people back into the Core? Well, them's just rumours. Pay no attention.

The Cortex is an open RPG server, where players can roleplay out life in Joss Whedon's Firefly/Serenity Universe. Five years after "The Signal" was sent out, the 'Verse still has plenty of adventure for the people who want to reach out and grab it.

The Cortex uses a roleplay-based economy. The more you roleplay, and the more roleplay you generate for others, the more Karma you generate for yourself, allowing you to control a bit of the 'Verse. Karma can be used to acquire equipment, vehicles, or even your own spaceship, as well as many other things.

A simple trait-based system allows for the guidance and resolution of conflicts, allowing players to not have to worry about 'stat buffing'. The FreeFORM2 RPG System is designed not for number-crunching, but for high adventure and small character-interaction-based roleplay.

Check us out here! Want to just jump in? Our hostname is vfocus.com, and the port number is 2525. See you there!