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That's right: I'm clearly insane. I'm trying to get TWO muds going at ONCE!

Heroes of Faerun is based on the Forgotten Realms world of Abeir-Toril, primarily around the standard diku/merc/rom Skill/Spell/Combat system because it was created with Advanced Dungeons and Dragons in mind, and is -very- close to AD&D. No need to really modify it much.

When you're staffing on one of my MUDs, you're a volunteer, and I treat you like it. You're helping me out. You're donating your precious time. You're doing me a favor, and as such, I don't do deadlines, I don't do rushing, I don't talk to my staff like they're employees and I'm the "Boss". Just because I'm the "Owner" doesn't give me the right to be a bossy douchebag.

So with that said.. here's the real 'meat n potatoes' of the posting:

Heroes of Faerun needs a Head Coder!

* Must be able to write code from scratch. No Snippets.
* Must be able to write code that does not cause tons of crashes and add a crapton of warnings to the compiling. I -DO- use the g++ flag to display warnings as errors, because I prefer not to have warnings at all.
* Must know how to track down and fix memory leaks.

Heroes of Faerun needs Assistant Coders!

* Must know how to use CMDEdit (Command Editor) SEdit (Social Editor) RAEdit (Race Editor) CLEdit (Class Editor) SKEdit (Skill/Spell Editor) GREdit (Group Editor) HEdit (Help Editor), GEdit (Guild Editor) as your primary function will be adding Skills, Spells, Groups, Races, Classes, Socials, Guilds, Help Files, etc.

A HUGE problem with a lot of muds these days is a lack of help files. I want HoF to be heavily documented. We have a great Online Help system and I really want to make sure when players try to find help on a command, skill, spell, race, class, etc, it's THERE. The Staff can't be online ALL the time, and good Help Files are the next best thing.

Heroes of Faerun needs Builders!

* Must have good spelling skills.
* Must have working knowledge of Ivan's OLC.
* MobProg/RoomProg/ObjProg experience a PLUS!

Any 'fantasy' setting areas are acceptable, as there are multiple planes of existence and we can work on how yours fits in story-wise no problem. I would -prefer- actual locations of Abeir-Toril but anything will do, like I said above.

Locations not spoken-for:
* The Underdark
* Neverwinter
* Icewind Dale
* Ten Towns
* Mithral Hall
* Silverymoon
* Waterdeep
* Calimshan
* Baldur's Gate
* Cormyr
* Tethyr
* Many More.

I'm currently working on the Races and Classes.

* Fighter
* Mage
* Thief
* Bard
* Priest
* Paladin
* Ranger

* Human
* Duergar
* Arctic Dwarf
* Shield Dwarf
* Urdunnir
* Wild Dwarf
* Aquatic Elf
* Avariel
* Moon Elf
* Sun Elf
* Wild Elf
* Wood Elf
* Drow
* Svirfneblin
* Forest Gnome
* Rock Gnome
* Ghostwise Halfling
* Lightfoot Halfling
* Strongheart Halfling
* Orog
* Gray Orc
* Mountain Orc
* Aasimar
* Air Genasi
* Earth Genasi
* Fire Genasi
* Water Genasi
* Fey'ri
* Tanarukk
* Tiefling

tl;dr version: We have lots of stuff, but we need more. We need areas built, and stuff coded.

Also still looking for staff for Thud!, so if you can do any of the above, but like the Discworld setting.. check out the Thud! post!

And of course… the CONTACT INFO!

e-mail: thud@ecigames.com

Heroes of Faerun:
The Mud Host (http://www.themudhost.net) is an AWESOME new host that I'm trying out. I'm one of their first members, and I have to say.. if you're looking for hosting, GO THERE! HoF has quite a bit of code to it, and it compiles in less than 8 seconds at TMH!