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Star Wars: Galactic Horizons

The Empire has suffered a startling defeat at the hands of the Alliance to Restore the Republic. With this victory the Rebel Alliance has taken its loyal systems and formed a formal government, the New Republic. The New Republic still wages war against the Empire, while attempting to maintain its own systems.

With recent events smaller organizations have taken advantage of the sudden disarray and seized systems for themselves. The Black Sun crime organization has risen to govern systems of its own.

Aside from politics and military there are also self-employment opportunities. Smuggling, Bounty Hunting and even assassinations are at an all time high in the galaxy with the constant change in government and control.

Whatever your choice, whatever side you choose, or don't, and no matter where you stand, you can always see the Galactic Horizon.


The staff at Galactic Horizons is an experienced group of builders, coders and Admins who love their jobs. We are looking for motivated and eager players to join us, and even some to take some leadership positions for Guilds and Clans.

Join us!

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SW:GH is looking for dedicated leaders for its guilds. We currently need Leaders, Firsts and Seconds for the following organizations:

The Empire (Government)
The New Republic (Government)
Black Sun (Government)
The Hunter's Guild (Guild)
Silence Industries (Corporation)
Marauder Family (Crime Family)
Galactic Coalition (Guild)

We are also looking for more Jedi, both in and out of the Jedi Order, and Sith, in and out of the Empire. Jedi/Sith must be Roleplayers.

We have a specially crafted Force system hand crafted by Keberus and Trelar, the fathers of FOTE. To fill any of these spots you have to get in game and start playing, decisions won't be made on the spot, and only Grube can decide. You can contact me by email (conyers0184@gmail.com), AIM (conyers0184@gmail.com) or just find me in game!

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Our server has changed! The admin has come together and we have pro hosting. Less log in and time out issues! The new host is:


Our guilds have received some new leadership, but we still need the following:

The Empire (Government):

The New Republic (Government):

Black Sun (Government):
Leader, First, Second

The Hunter's Guild (Guild):
Leader, First, Second

Silence Industries (Corporation):
Leader, First, Second

Marauder Family (Crime Family):
Leader, First, Second

Galactic Coalition (Guild):
Leader, First, Second

We have also met our advertised cap for Sith, but need a couple more interested Jedi. We're looking for casual and dedicated gamers to help take the War to a new level!
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As you look out you can see the edge of visible space. You are standing on the bridge of HIMS Annihilator, the second ship in the Imperial First Fleet. Through the Durasteel windows you can see the other four ships of the fleet; HIMS Consternation, HIMS Ragnarok, HIMS Kratos and the flagship, Super Star Destroyer HIMS Osiris. Several TIE fighters zoom around the encased bridge. As you look down you see the crew, navigator, pilot, copilot and others tending to their consoles. A small smile crosses your face as you see the Captain order the TIE Bombers out of the bays and in orbit of the planet. You know that doom will come to Coral City on the water world of Mon Calamari. This will show the Republic who is still In power!


The streaking stars seem to move far too slow as your Loronar class cruiser, LSC Ereshkigal, speeds through hyperspace toward the capital of Mon Calamari. Reports of the Republic's Second Fleet being destroyed brought your fleet from its recon of the Asteroid Belt. To your left, outside of the durasteel window of your bridge was the LSC Babd Catha, MC-90 Inanna and to your right was the RD8's NR-08-01, NR-08-02 and an escort of Red, Black and Yellow squadron fighters. You only hope your fleet can arrive in time. As the streaks become stars once more you see the planet Mon Calamari, the foreground of the horizon in space.


You motion to your troops to move silently to the south. The Imperials have taken the landing pad and cut off your escape. You have several Republic troopers and a hand full of special forces. Scanning to the south you see that there are three elite Imperial guards watching the landing pad while a few platoons of Imperial troopers position to begin patrolling the streets. Gritting your teeth you yell a battle cry as you and your troops charge the landing pad! You focus fire on the elite guards, deciding to eliminate the toughest element first. Your troops attack the nearest guard, and the battle ensues! As you run in you see the night stars above, shining, and the explosions of a renewed assault against the advancing Imperial fleet. Your resolve renewed, you press on harder, adrenaline pumping!


You flash a toothy smile as you watch the Republic fleet engage the Imperials, attempting to repel the attack. Grand Vizier Vash had contacted you previously and paid you handsomely to block the Republic's escape route once they arrived. The Republic's fighters immediately swarm the TIE bombers headed toward orbit of Mon Calamari. Your flagship, the AEG-77 Vigo Gunship 'XTS Black Nebula', sat between the Republic fleet, which jumped into the system dangerously close to the planet, and their only option of an escape route. Your Blockade Runner Corvettes, the XTS Night heron II and the XTS Carrion Crow IV, were to either side of the fleet, perfectly positioned. You turned to you communications console and nodded at the holographic image.

Chief of State Darkfall, have the credits been deposited into the Black Sun account? you demand of the hologram.

They have, Guri can confirm it, Prince Xizor. The Twi'lek leader of the Republic seemed uneasy.

Good, then the planet will be yours again. you close the communication.

You motion for your First Officer, Skyler, to order the fleet forward with the Republic fleet. You smile as your starfighters meld with the Imperials fighters, and you take joy in knowing that the Emperor will not try to take vengeance on you. Instead he will try to outbid the Republic. The giant Loronar class ship adjacent to you casts a foreground to the horizon of stars beyond the battle.


The Galactic War rages, and all can make a profit and a name for themselves. Some fight for power, others freedom and still others for status. Whatever the reason, there is a place for you. Only the farthest reaches of the Galaxy are untouched by the war. Yet there are still those that find their way in the Galaxy without being involved in the war. Wether they are drowning themselves in a cantina on Tatooine, trying their luck at the casinos of Hesperidium or simply going about their daily business on Coruscant some people have lives, businesses and affairs outside of the War. No matter your outlook or stance you will have a home. No matter where you stand, you can always see the Galactic Horizon!

-=x=-=x=-<*>-=x=-=x=-<*>-=x=-=x=-<*>-=x=-=x=–=x=-=x=-<*>-=x=-= x=-<*>-=x=-=x=-<*>-=x=-=x=-

SW:Galactic Horizon has made leaps and bounds since its inception about a year ago! We have a dedicated player base and staff already. We have advanced form a small, personal, in-home based server with minimal bandwidth and access limitations to a fully hosted MUD with few limits to access. We now have a test server so that code implementations will not crash the MUD. We have a full website, and plans for a Vent Server, open to Staff and players alike. The player base and staff are so dedicated that I, the owner, didn't pay a cent for the hosting. It is funded by donations from players and staff alike. We have several talented builders who are constantly adding custom areas and planets, as well as two dedicated coders and two casual coders, who all contribute to the advancement of the MUD. We have a dedicated offline prototype ship builder, also.

As you can probably tell, we have many avid Role-players. We have a reward system for role-players, and we often offer things for RP points at random, or on the spot incentives. We have an RP Admin in game that keeps thing interesting, and has a head swimming with ideas!

We are always looking for more players, and can accommodate most playing styles! We are currently revamping a lot of the game. See our website for information on our projects on the work board. The website is a great tool for informing the community, getting feedback, addressing issues and having some fun out of the MUD! We all come together as a community and make our MUDding experience all the more fun!

Hope to see you at the Galactic Horizon!
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An Update:
Our website is up at http://gh.mudhosting.net so feel free to stop by there, register and play some of the arcade games at work, where Telnet is blocked, lol!

Also, we are looking to replace the Leader of the New Republic. If interested in leading one of the two largest Governments in game, register on the site, get in game and get to know us!

We also aren't looking for Jedi any more, but when we do start we'll pull from the characters who play often.

The game is really starting to get more active, and we're adding in more "Post Levelling" content for players who max their levels.

We've also decided to pause on adding in new planets and start improving the current ones.

Hope to see you around the Galactic Horizon!
-Grube, Owner