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Thud! - What's it about?

Thud! is a Rom2.4 MUD based on the Discworld series of books by Terry Pratchett. If you're not familiar with the setting, that's alright! I'm working on all the basic helpfiles with various wiki links for those who have never read the books. For those who have, you'll recognize a few familiar things (hometown names, deities, etc)

Thud! - What are the features?

-Available Classes - Mage, Wizard, Druid, Assassin, Thief, Warrior, Priest
-Discworld Races - Human, Dwarf, Elf, Troll, Zombie, Orc.
-Banking (Making Money)
-Post Office (Going Postal)
-Discworld Guilds (Merchants, Alchemists, Assassins, Beggars, etc)
-Discworld Hometowns (Ankh-Morpork, Al Khali, Bugrat, Quirm, Uberwald, Lancre, Sto Lat, etc)
-Discworld Deities (Om, Anoia, Noddi, Jimi, Bissonomy, Blind Io, etc)
-Automated Auction system
-Automated Questing
-Player Housing
-Weapon Forging
-Morgue (No more chasing your corpse)
-Donation room
-Marry other players
-Much, Much, More
(Note: Almost all of these features are built-in ShadowStorm by Synon and Davion. It made for the perfect starting point for Thud!, and I believe in giving credit where credit is due.)

Thud! - What do we need?

-Builders (Hometowns, Wilderness, etc. I need a staff to help build the Discworld!)
-Coders (I have some ideas for new code, so I could use a coder or two to help out.)
-Playertesters (As we're adding stuff, it's good to have some players to bounce the ideas off of since the game is for them)

I treat my Builders and Coders like people, not employees. You're doing me a favor by volunteering your time to help bring my project to life, and that's the way you'll be treated. Any bit of time and effort anyone donates to this project is greatly appreciated!

Thud! - Where is it?

:ghostface: thud.ecigames.com:3080 :ghostface:
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I hesitate to ask, because I don't want to seem like I'm intentionally derailing your thread…
but I can't help myself and I really want to know:

Are you aware of the current big DW mud? Do you have any relationship with them?

05 Jul, 2010, om wrote in the 3rd comment:
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I know of them, but since I started out playing Rom over a decade ago, I'm just more comfortable with Rom, and thus could never really adjust to other codebases like LP, etc. I'm not trying to be 'competition' for them, but rather I'm giving players a choice because I know there are more people out there like me who would really much rather play a Rom mud in the setting of our choosing than another codebase they're unfamiliar with.