02 Jul, 2010, vidar1987 wrote in the 1st comment:
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Hello and thank you for taking the time to read this. Chronicles of The Blade is making its grand re-opening now after years of being down. Some of you may have played CoTB before, and know how good of a mud it is, for those of you who haven't, here is a little bit of info on it. CoTB was one of the top Medieval/Fantasy Muds out there when it was open. A variety of classes and races, all with their strengths and weaknesses, and all with their own special arsenal of skills and spells, as well as a special racial attack for each race. There is an automated questmaster, as well as clans and houses that can be purchased by buying house and clan tokens from questmaster. A wide variety of areas makes for a good time of gameplay and fun. I could go on and on about things that CoTB has, but you should come check it out yourself and see what I'm talking about. :) CoTB runs on a highly modified Rom2.4b6 codebase. Here is the login information if you feel like checking us out.

Host: frostmud.com
Port: 8311
02 Jul, 2010, Igabod wrote in the 2nd comment:
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Does this mud have all original areas or just some original areas? Does it have the stock classes/races for Rom or are there some unique ones? In other words, what differentiates this mud from any other Rom based mud out there? Aside from the few things you mentioned that is.