30 Jun, 2010, Grube wrote in the 1st comment:
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Star Wars: Galactic Horizon is back, although we are starting from scratch! We have two dedicated staff, direction and a game plan!

If you are an experienced Coder, please feel free to email me, contact me in game or on our website. We're looking for coders who want to help bring the game up to speed and add their own touch, also! Inexperienced coders are welcome, also, but SOME coding experience is required.

We're also looking for builders who want to create and expand the Galaxy! We have plans for improving current planets and areas, including the new Coruscant and Kashyyyk areas, and a vast improvement in weapons, armor and other items. We're also giving builders a chance to build projects of their own desire. We're fairly lenient with new builders, so come one and all!

Email: conyers0184@gmail.com
YIM: stephengrubbs
Website: http://swgh.republichost.net
MUDConnector: http://www.mudconnect.com/mud-bin/simple...
31 Jul, 2010, Grube wrote in the 2nd comment:
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Star Wars Galactic Horizon is looking for coders and builders. We're looking for innovative staff who can add something unique to the game, as our current staff does. Not just a builder, but a builder who adds in unique quests, NPCs, items and more to the game!

We have put up our modified SWFotE 2.1.4 code, and need more dedicated coders to help make it something completely unique! We have alot of coding ideas and and, of course, welcome fresh ideas!

Our NEW website is up at http://gh.mudhosting.net so stop by there and register if you want to join! Please register with the name you will use in game.

Thanks, hope to see you around the Galactic Horizon!
-Grube, Owner