16 Jun, 2010, Gatz wrote in the 1st comment:
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We need builders who have some creativity and like telling a story with their areas. Before we make an area, we like to hash it out and briefly discuss it with everyone. We identify the purpose the area, and what roll will this area fulfill. For example, is this area meant to be a place to do quests, for shopping or maybe a unique locale for role playing or a combination of these and more.

For larger areas, we usually break it out into smaller zones and stitch it together in the end. We use this tactic in order to get pieces done quicker, do quality checks on the zones faster and let multiple people tackle pieces to get the whole finished faster. We also have other team building where multiple builders work on the same piece, either this is used from the beginning or to help if a builder might miss a release date or be getting stuck or bogged down. In those situations, we let one builder become the 'lead' of the team and drive how that team works on the piece.

We hold weekly staff meetings where everyone comes together and talks about what they did that week and working on. We also use this to discuss possible new projects, coding and building, as well as letting it be a forum for people to bring up anything related to the staffing side of things. Of course, all the head staff are pro-active in making sure everyone has what they need, be it a new type of script, a bug fix or a any sort of administrative decision needed.

As for the actual creativity aspect, we have a very open system. Typically, there are zones that have been planned out in advance to get added in, and players and staff can suggest areas to be added in as well. Builders have a base guideline for how areas are to be made, typically styling and theme to keep our lore consistent. However, past that, builders have a lot of freedoms. Really, there are no 'taboos' when it comes to creating new zones, anything that is unique or might change things like lore can be discussed and usually most things are accepted.

We'd love for you to join us, or email questions in to discuss further. We always like adding more talented people to the mix and it adds more fun to the atmosphere we have going. Typically, staff and builders we have stick around for a long time and if they leave they do so because of real life commitments, but they staff life long players and friends of the game.

To contact us, please use my personal email ofnick.jaross@gmail.com. I'd be more than happy to discuss our theme, goals, staff or any other questions you may have in detail. I can also provide you with my instant messenger screen name, so we can talk in 'real time' if you like.

We look forward to hearing from you!