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A few years ago, I gave a big list of stuff simular to what I'm talking about here
to the Fury a guy who was at the time doing biographies of sorts with mud admin.
It never got published, I guess he stopped doing it, but Ill post the jist of it here,
maybe useful, may not be. The reason I had this in my biography was I was sick
of hearing everyone making new muds and failing, instead of joining together
to make a few really good muds. I had an argument in there about that, although
I dont really remember the whole thing and am not posting it here.

Here it is….

If you think you want to be a mud owner/creator I suggest you consider the

1) Am I reinventing the wheel? Could there possibly be a mud already out there that is very close to what I'm trying to create? If so I might want to have something more original, or I might want to offer to help that mud, or play on that mud instead of attempting to make something that already exists.

- The reason I say that is because a mud is basically a world, an entire world, story, history and takes years to make anything halfway likable. There are thousands of muds out there, and not knowing exact percent, but I would say from experience probably 99/100 muds fail. They fail because it is a massive project that requires a well thought out plan, and dedicated staff. Only the top 50 mud's out there probably have a player base that is significant. You can't build a mud and expect a player base over night. Again expect years, they will come and go, but they won't stay unless you are at quality level of the top 50.

2) Mud's are low priority to generation y kids, with WoW and all the graphic games out there. You really have to have a good thing to get their attention. If you want to spend years of your life making a mud, creating an entire world, that possibly could have no players at the end… Do it as a hobby, do it because your passionate about it, and love doing it. Otherwise experience has shown you will fail.

3) Know what your doing before you attempt to create a mud. Back in the day you could bump around and learn the hard way, coders were abundant and would help out new muds etc all the time. Now, you must know how to code, at least the fundamentals. All admin should. You might have a good friend that will code for you, but friendships can go astray when they are doing all the work, and you are claiming the mud as your own. Heh.

Anyway, that is about all I remember of it, just thought I would post it here. If it helps you cool, if not that's okay too. Just my opinions, and not even based on facts just experiences I have had over the years.

Good Luck if you still are serious of starting your own mud,

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Great links DH, Crat summed it up nicely in his letter faq.