30 Jan, 2010, Crelin wrote in the 1st comment:
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Well my basic question is this: is the 2.<whatever> handled by something in the rom code or something in a library? I can't find the function that specifically deals with this….the reason I ask is I'd like to set it so just plain kill 2. will attack the second thing in the room, get 2. would get the second thing in the room, etc.

I realize there are other ways to go about it but if there's an existing function I can just modify, seems it'd be a lot easier.
30 Jan, 2010, Kline wrote in the 2nd comment:
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int number_argument( char *argument, char *arg ) is probably the function you are looking for. It is called from things like
CHAR_DATA *get_char_room( CHAR_DATA * ch, char *argument ), which would explain your example using kill 2..
30 Jan, 2010, Crelin wrote in the 3rd comment:
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creepy, the ghosts are after me. After posting this I went and just looked at the function, I didn't change anything on it and went into my mud and did kill 2.murph (name of a mob) and it laglocked the mud, taking up 25% of the cpu% (and since I'm using a host, probably not the greatest thing) so I had to kill it. Tried again with a clean make, did the same….the only two files i've edited today are fight.c and merc.h so I uploaded about a week agos backup copies of fight.c, merc.h and interp.c (just in case) and it did the same thing again…uploaded the whole backup and it works fine…so the ghosts took my thoughts and bugged my mud…IT'S TRUE.
30 Jan, 2010, Crelin wrote in the 4th comment:
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oops, found out the cause of the ghost…something completely unrelated to my original question…ty for the function name Kline, I knew I'd seen it before.
30 Jan, 2010, Sharmair wrote in the 5th comment:
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I don't know about ROM, but as I remember, using the form 2.- does what you want in SMAUG.
I am not sure where the support for - matching anything started though (merc or in SMAUG).