02 Jan, 2010, Kaeden wrote in the 1st comment:
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I hopped onto my computer this morning, eager to resume work on my MUD, when my MUD client (zMUD 7.05a) greeted me with a request to renew my elicense for it. This in itself is not unusual; it has me renew it every 90 days. Generally, I just click the "Install License" button and it lets me go about my business as usual. However, today, it gave me this error: "Unable to get or install a license. Retrieval of license failed with error code = 16. The availability of licenses for this Order ID has expired." I tried searching for an explanation of error code 16 on the Zuggsoft website and on the eLicense website. eLicense had explanations for a number of codes, but not 16. I know that Zuggsoft stopped support for zMUD in favor of cMUD, but that doesn't mean they cut off the license renewals for it too, does it? As far as I can tell, my internet connection is not interfering with zMUD's ability to talk to any licensing servers. I'd post on the Zuggsoft forums but my activation code for my registration hasn't been delivered yet. Does anyone know what's up?

–Kaeden :(
02 Jan, 2010, Kline wrote in the 2nd comment:
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Try downloading the latest zMUD (7.21 by the looks of it). I think Zugg removed e-License in favor of something else just prior to cMUD; because I use cMUD now and know it does not use e-License.
02 Jan, 2010, Kaeden wrote in the 3rd comment:
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It looks like that did the trick. Thanks!