26 Nov, 2009, Grube wrote in the 1st comment:
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Star Wars: Galactic Horizon has a great player base. We're not huge, but the players are dedicated and involved, in both RP and general conversation. We use our website and really connect as a community. We have a few casual builders and a great coder. We are looking to increase those numbers.

We have extravagant plans, and I, unfortunately, am not a coder. We also have many unique areas we want to introduce, and need good builders. We can train builders if need be, also.

As usual, we would love to expand our player base! If you are looking for an active MUD with fun players and interactive Admin, look us up! Builders/Coders can apply on the website under NOW HIRING forum, or log in game! Grube or Russman can accept new builders, and Grube and Paxenos can accept new coders! Also, feel free to contact me directly!

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