24 Nov, 2009, Geekman wrote in the 1st comment:
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Okay, I logged in just now to join in on IMC, only to find that I can't see IMC traffic, nor can I see my own chats. When trying to view any public channel history I get the following:
1700hp 100mv> ichat
The last 20 ichat messages:

When I try and chat on a public channel I get the following; although when checking from another MUD it appears that my chats are broadcasted over the network:
ICE@Server01 imctells you 'You're trying to talk on a channel that you don't have access to.'

[ichat] Rommel@MatrixMUD: Test.

What's more is that it appears that my MUD intermittently disconnects from IMC, forcing me to disconnect then re-connect even just to be able to do as much as mentioned. Not sure what's going on, but I'm assuming it has to be either a server or a network issue since I haven't touched my MUD (MatrixMUD), or even my server config, in quite some time. Although the access denied message, and the fact that I can still use IMC tells, seems to indicate to me that there's not much of a network issue at play here; the only thing that makes me question that is the fact that the MUD is sometimes disconnected. Everything was working just fine even just a day ago, so I don't see what would've changed.

Thanks in Advance.
06 Dec, 2009, Geekman wrote in the 2nd comment:
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I'm still having the issues described above - each time I login I usually have to disconnect and reconnect. It seems the problem is similar to the one posted in this thread. With the exception that no channels I have tried thus far (ichat, icode, ibuild) seems to work - all giving the same problems.

Though similarly, when executing "imcchanlist", my output is much the same, with most channels listed as open and being listened to (keeping in mind that when connected I can in fact see others talking, and it appears they can also see me - as from what I've noticed from another MUD)

1700hp 100mv> Name            Local name      Owner           Perm    Policy

Server02:igame game Davion@ADP Mort Open
Server02:i3chat i3 (null) Imm unknown
Server02:i2chat i2 (null) Imm unknown
Server02:irc irc Davion@ADP Imm Open
Server02:inews inews Davion@ADP Mort Open
Server01:pchat pchat Davion@ADP Mort Open
Server01:ibuild ibuild Davion@ADP Imm Open
Server02:imudne imudnews Davion@ADP Mort Open
Server02:ifree ifree Davion@ADP Imm Open
Server01:ievenn ievennia Davion@ADP Admin Open
Server02:iruby iRuby Davion@ADP Imm Open
Server02:icode icode Davion@ADP Imm Open
Server02:imusic imusic Davion@ADP Imm Open
Server01:ichat ichat Davion@ADP Imm Open

14 channels found.
Red local name indicates a channel not being listened to.

However, I do seem to be disconnecting fairly shortly after trying to send public messages - but like I said I doubt this is a network/firewall issue on my end as nothing has been changed.

Thanks in advance.
06 Dec, 2009, Davion wrote in the 3rd comment:
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Which server are you connecting to, and what's the MUD name?
06 Dec, 2009, Kayle wrote in the 4th comment:
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He connects to Server02 and it's MatrixMUD. Geekman == Rommel.
07 Dec, 2009, Geekman wrote in the 5th comment:
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Thanks Kayle, and sorry. I figured that was apparent from the code snippet; I should have made it more obvious.